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How do I allow zooming on a page, but return all pages to 100% zoom after leaving that page?

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When I access a webpage and zoom in on content, if I leave the page and return in the same browsing session, the page is still zoomed in. How do I stop Firefox from storing the zoom data so a page will always start on the default zoom level, without needing to manually reset the zoom every time?

I want to completely stop Firefox from storing zoom levels, even on a temporary basis. As soon as I leave a zoomed-in page, all zoom levels everywhere should be 100%. I've tried using private browsing, which stops Firefox from storing zoom levels after a browsing session, and I'm looking for a solution that stops Firefox from using stored zoom levels ever.

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Please first update to Firefox 22 Update Firefox to the latest release

https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/nosquint/ may help with your zooming request after you update.

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Thanks for trying, but those solutions don't work for me. I installed NoSquint, and I find that now using ctrl + mousewheel changes NoSquint's default zoom level. I don't want Firefox to remember the current tab's zoom level, as soon as I go to another page within the tab it should return to 100% zoom. However, I'd prefer not to disable zooming entirely.

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Did you try to set the browser.zoom.siteSpecific pref to false on the about:config page?

That should make Firefox remember the zoom only for the current tab.

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I've tried that before, and you're right that it makes Firefox remember the zoom only for the current tab. Unfortunately that doesn't work for me, since everything needs to happen within a single tab. If there are no solutions available for standard builds of Firefox, I'm going to look into modifying the source code or writing an external script to handle this.

This is for a public information kiosk, so many Firefox features are disabled. I'm trying to deal with an issue where one user zooms in on a page, and then the next user to use that page has trouble finding information because of the changed zoom level.