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autofill non address data

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How do I edit non address autofill data? When I autofill a form, my 1st name comes up correct but last name is all lower case, when I clear the field the Capitalized version is shown. Next time I use the autofill again the small case version appears. A similar thing happens with email address. An old email address (from a prior account) is displayed, but I cannot find any way to get rid of the old email address nor correct it. Everywhere I look on all your instructions, I cannot find any discussion/instructions on how to change Non Address Autofill data. Pleas help as I am getting tired of having to constantly manually change these fileds every time I use autofill. THANKS!!!

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Hi, try this: Enter the first few letters of the entry you want to delete in order to find it, then hold down the left mouse button to select it, and whilst holding the button down, press the Delete key on your keyboard.

This shows the 'official' way to do it - so you can use which method you prefer: Control whether Firefox automatically fills in forms.

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I have tried that, it does work, but only for that form. I NEED SOMETHING THAT WILL ALLOW ME TO PERMANENTLY CHANGE OR DELETE DATA THAT IS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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