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Making Firefox Browser NEVER save cookies, files, etc EVER!

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This is Firefox 82.0 (64-bit) for Apple Macintosh. No matter what I do, i cannot get Firefox browser to NOT STORE cookies, site data, and cache. I exit the browser, start the browser back up and cookies, site data, and cache are ALWAYS still there n matter what my privacy settings are. My expectation is that I want Firefox to AUTOMATICALLY ''''NEVER'''' STORE cookies, site data, and cache. I also want FireFox to AUTOMATICALLY ALWAYS START in private browsing mode.

What settings do I change in order to NEVER have cookies, site data, and cache ever stored and to always automatically start my browser session in Private mode?

The settings as displayed in my attachment do not work and have never worked.

Is there a solution to this?

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It's possible that Firefox has saved some data for its own activities rather than your activities. These include fetching dangerous site lists from Google for the phishing and malware protection feature, for example. If you click the "Manage Data" button, what do you see there?

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Note that you may have to start Firefox in regular mode to be able to clear data stored in the disk cache or in local storage because in permanent PB mode Firefox only data store in memory and this in memory data is cleared automatically when you close Firefox.

Not all websites may work properly in you disable all cookies.

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