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After installing actuallisations, the browser doesn't display the text on some websites

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After recent acctuallisation of Firefox (and the whole system), some of webpages are displayed without the text (but graphic and signatures are visible). I can still click the link, but not read the content. In gmail, most of the messages I can read, but some of them I can see only the signature and free space where the text is supposed to be. I guess it's not connected with e-mail provider. On the screenshots there is how does my google calendar looks like right now and some other website (https://oko.press/bodnar-ochrona-niezaleznosci-sadow-zadanie-dla-kazdego-nas-duda-prosze-zajac-sie-spolecznymi-problemami/) where some text (the titles) displays properly. There are other websites where the text displays properly (p.ex. Wikipedia) I can read the text on this website, but I was unable to do anything with my google account.

Thanks for any help

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Did you make sure to turn off your Adblocker to see if that wasn't causing it? I can open the link just fine. So check your firewall software and A/V setting to make sure those are affecting the site load as well.

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Thanks for your reply. Disabling AdBlock doesn't change nothing. As for firewall etc, it doesn't look like it was connected with limited acces to Internet. Some content displays correctly - graphics, leads in the article in the site I've sent the link, and most of the messages I'm getting via gmail. I have a collective conversation on gmail and I can't read messages of 2 persons, one has the account on gmail, the second - other one. I can see the messages of other people correctly.

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I'd like also to add that there is also some mess with the saved passwords. I was thinking about reinstalling firefox, but I don't remember my password for gmail and the gmail password saved in the device (in the preferences) is the previous one. The same is happening when I try to log to gmail using firefox sync - it says the password is wrong. I still can log to my firefox account, but the gmail's password saved there is not the current one.

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type "about:support" in the url bar then on the next page click "refresh firefox" should solve the font problem, but not sure if you will loose your pasword or not...

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Thanks :) I guess I'll wait maybe somebody would know how does it affect the saved passwords :)