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x-vlc plugin gives me a plugin is needed to display the content

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I am trying to display streaming content from 4 webcams within my local network. This works properly on my Linux Mint box with Firefox 48.0, but does not work on My macbook running OSX El Capitan 10.11.5 on Firefox 50.1.0. Also same problem on my IMac.

The html code is like this...

<object type="application/x-vlc-plugin" data="rtsp://LWK-????:????????@192.168.1.xx:554/img/video.sav" width="500" height="375" id="video1"> <param name="movie" value="rtsp://"/> <embed type="application/x-vlc-plugin" name="video1" autoplay="no" loop="no" width="500" height="375" target="rtsp://LWK-????:????????@192.168.1.???:554/img/video.sav" />

I downloaded Flip4mac, as was advised on a post I found on stackoveflow, but that made no difference.

How do I know which plugin is needed? Searching on extensions, I see nothing for x-vlc-plugin. Is extension same as plugin? What do I download if not Flip4mac?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks, Joe

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You need to install VLC.

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Thank you for the very quick reply, especially on Christmas eve. Unfortunately, I have already installed VLC a while ago. When I link directly to vlc as in: <a href="rtsp://LWK-zzzz::zzzzzzzz@192.168.1.XXX:554/img/video.sav"></a> then it will open a cam in the VLC program and that part works. However i can't get it to work in a web browser with an <object> definition. Is there something I have to do to "tie" the browser to the VLC program?

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You need to install the npapi-vlc package to add this plugin for Firefox.

  • npapi-vlc - Enables VLC inside browsers

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I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound stupid, well maybe I am on this topic, but I don't understand *how* to install npapi-vlc, nor can I find npapi-vlc when in Fiirefox I go to Tools -> addons -> Plugins. The closest thing that pops up is Netflix fixer for Linux, I'm sure that's not it. Remember: the issue is that I want to view streaming camera video on a web page via Firefox on a mac, works on Linux.

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This is a package that you need to install via the software management or package installer of your Linux distribution. Plugins always have to be installed externally. All that Firefox does is scanning for plugins in known locations and show plugins that are found in "Add-ons -> Plugins" and on the about:plugins page.

You should see the plugin in "about:addons -> Plugins" once you have installed the package that provides the VLC plugin. You may have to create a symlink to the actual plugin in case Firefox doesn't find it.

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this is not a linux issue, this is a mac issue where do I find a plugin which will allow me to view embedded videos from my house cameras?

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See VLC Web Plugin for Mac :

MacUpdate: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/40724/vlc-web-plugin