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norton toolbar needed with new firefox version

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your newest update says the Norton toolbar is not compatible. I need this tool bar as it automatically loads user names and passwords into saved sites within Norton security. if the tool bar is not allowed, i have to waste time going into Norton and looking up the user name and password for the site i need. Please fix this. Why is it not compatible and if you cant fix it can I revert back to an older version of Firefox? if so how?

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hello, according to norton the toolbar is already compatible with firefox versions including the current release version. please run the norton liveupdate utility repeatedly & until all components are up-to-date. in addition make sure that the toolbar is enabled under firefox > addons > extension afterwards.

for more information please refer to http://community.norton.com/t5/Product-Update-Announcements/Firefox-31-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/ba-p/11559949

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Norton does support Firefox 31.0 http://community.norton.com/t5/Product-Update-Announcements/Firefox-31-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/ba-p/1155994

It is Norton's responsibility to support Firefox, not the other way around. They ususlly have a liveupdate patch for their toolbar ready for new Firefox Release on day before or day of Firefox Release ever since Firefox 5.0

Unlike with most Extensions, the extensions provided to work with software like this generally needs to be updated for each major Firefox version .exe.

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Not sure where the both of you get your info from but I spoke with Norton support via chat today (8/3/14) and I was advised norton still does not support firefox 31.0. here is a pasted copy of my chat session with norton support:

You are now entering the chat room.

Welcome to Norton Support, my name is Aniket. Please give me a minute to go through the information you have provided.

Aniket: Hello Vittorio. I will definitely help you with the information on your Norton product. May I know your currently active email address and the one that is registered with Norton?

vittorio : i got norton from comcast internet for free

vittorio : i think its norton security suite

vittorio: i have identity safe on it too

Aniket: I see. Then it will not reflect on your account. It is provided by Comcast and the account lies with them. Also, Norton toolbar is currently not compatible with FireFox 31.0 as this update4 was recently released.

Aniket: We will soon release a patch for the same and it will be available through the LiveUpdate.

vittorio : how long? firefox says its updated and compatible u say its not. im confused. All I want is my norton toolbar to work in firefox again.

Aniket: As I said, then Norton toolbar is currently not compatible with FireFox 31.0. We will soon release a patch for the same and it will be available through the LiveUpdate. I request you to run it over the next few days to receive the latest patch.

vittorio : i did twice already.. as i said, how long?

vittorio: wuts taking u guys so long to udate?

Aniket: FireFox is not a product of Norton and it will take a few days to make the toolbar compatible with it. Our developer team is already working on it on a priority basis. However, there is no fixed ETA for it.

vittorio: ok, ty

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see my new post, your info is not correct

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The low level norton Rep you talked with is wrong.

Norton's own website (a higher source of truth) states: "We have released a Firefox 31 compatibility patch for Norton Internet Security 21.4 and Norton 360 21.4 which is available via LiveUpdate. The patch is also available for the Norton 2013, Norton 2012 and Norton Identity Safe standalone products. The Patch for Comcast Norton Security Suite will be releasing shortly." You can read how to update Norton yourself at http://community.norton.com/t5/Product-Update-Announcements/Firefox-31-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/ba-p/1155994

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Honestly, you should move your password out of Norton's toolbar and into Firefox's own password manager. Norton's products are notoriously slow, unreliable and junk.

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Vcncgsc you mentioned you have the Norton Security Suite provided by Comcast well the update patch for Firefox 31.0 may not be available just yet. The Comcast patches tends to be slow.

Did you actually look at http://community.norton.com/t5/Product-Update-Announcements/Firefox-31-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar/ba-p/1155994 when you said "Not sure where the both of you get your info from".

Somebody recently asked when the Comcast patch will be available. http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Firefox-31-and-the-Comcast-Norton-Toolbar/td-p/1159906 and also in http://community.norton.com/t5/Norton-Toolbar-Norton-Identity/Firefox-31-Support-for-Norton-Toolbar-NSS-21-3/td-p/1161038

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Thanks I realized that. Wondering how long they will take to update?

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I think you may be confused? You contradicted your own comment. We are all aware the update has taken place BUT just like YOU mentioned in this comment, COMCAST has not yet completed the update, therefore it is not available and Norton security Suite PROVIDED by COMCAST is not COMPATIBLE with the NEW FIREFOX update.

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Unfortunately I disagree, not only have I never had a problem with my FREE NORTON SECURITY SUITE program, but I do not think it runs slow and if I ever needed support they have been great. I also like the program, so no complaints here.

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