How do I know the status of my sync?

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This article refers to a new version of Firefox Account, which is available starting with Firefox version 67.

The Firefox Accounts toolbar menu lets you know when you are synced and sharing data on Firefox across devices.

syncavatar logged out

You can personalize your toolbar menu with your own avatar.

How do I know my Firefox Sync status?

The toolbar menu lets you know the status of your sync:

Waiting for email verification

avatar mail 66
If an envelope appears in your Account icon, a verification email has been sent but you haven't clicked it yet.

Logged out (not syncing)

syncavatar logged out
If the icon is black with a white background, you are not logged in to Firefox Account and your information is not syncing.

Signed in and syncing

signed in sync 66
If the Account icon is white with a black background, you are signed in and Firefox is currently syncing.

How do I personalize the toolbar menu with a photo?

  1. Click the Firefox Account icon in the toolbar.

    syncavatar logged out
  2. Click Manage Account….
  3. In the page that opens, click the Add… button next to Account picture.

Why am I logged into Firefox Accounts in Private Browsing?

If you open a private tab while logged into Firefox Accounts, you will stay logged in on the private tab so you can continue managing bookmarks, access your synced passwords and save new passwords while in Private Browsing.

Since your history is not recorded in Private Browsing, Firefox Accounts will not pick up or sync your browsing history.

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