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spell check not working correctly

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I just noticed that when I'm composing an email in AOL mail that the red underline would appear under parts of a correctly spelled word as if some portion of that word was misspelled which isn't the case. I contacted AOL and they said it was probably a browser problem which turns out it is. After disabling spell check, in Tools, the problem went away. Re enable and the problem returns. I have the English language dictionary installed and I added the English language dictionary add on. This seems to have alleviated the problem, some what, but not completely. It sometimes will not underline an obviously misspelled word. Never had this problem until I installed FF 16. There has to be a bug in FF 16. Please review and advise. Thanks

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Hi again Arejfour:

I believe the problem is fixed in Firefox 17 Beta 4 and Thunderbird 17 Beta 2:

We need more beta testers so if you could try Firefox 17 Beta 4 (backup your Firefox profile first of course : ) and let us know if FF17Beta4 fixes your problem, that would be wonderful.

Cheers! ...Roland

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Hi arejfour:

We're looking into this problem in bug 790475

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Hi again Arejfour:

I believe the problem is fixed in Firefox 17 Beta 4 and Thunderbird 17 Beta 2:

We need more beta testers so if you could try Firefox 17 Beta 4 (backup your Firefox profile first of course : ) and let us know if FF17Beta4 fixes your problem, that would be wonderful.

Cheers! ...Roland

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Problem has not been fixed in FF17

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Hi Arejfour: sorry to hear that. I will ask the Firefox folks to take a look.

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Hello - The Spell check problem with AOL started (as described by the OP) with the upgrade to FF 16. I thought it had been resolved in FF 17, but it is still there, but possibly to a somewhat lesser extent - it is underlining fewer words mistakenly identified as incorrectly spelled.

This is happening on three unrelated computers in my circle of friends.

Many thanks.

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I have this problem in Hotmail - will not go to Beta to fix it


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I'm on Firefox 17.0 and it's not fixed. Does anyone from Mozilla post on this board? I would love this to get fixed. It's driving me crazy.

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Hi arrejfour and jesseblo:

[I work for Mozilla on the support team on Thunderbird and Thunderbird has similar issues and shares code with Firefox]

Looks like we fixed the spell check bug in FF 17 and TB 17 but we have another bug that manifests itself in spell check.

Here is a current Thunderbird bug that looks similar to this:

0. Please double check that you still are experiencing problem even in Firefox 17 in Firefox Safe Mode. (For FF Safe mode: Help | Restart with Add-ons disabled...)

If it still happens in FF Safe mode:

1. if you are technical please file a bug with a clear set of steps to reproduce the problem (what i did, what i expected, what happened)

2. if you are not technical, please give me a clear set of steps to reproduce and I will file a bug on your behalf. I will also try reproducing the problem with AOL webmail tomorrow.

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I followed your suggestion and restarted FF in safe mode. Well, in several instances, it started to underline a correctly spelled word and then the underline disappeared as I continued writing in AOL mail but in other instances it did not underline an obviously misspelled word(s). If you would please file a bug report it would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hi Arejfour and jesselbo

I. For AOL and Hotmail, I couldn't reproduce this bug. Please reply with your exact set of steps to reproduce this problem in both AOL and Hotmail (see II. for the detail required for a set of steps to reproduce)

II. However I did find Bug 816073 - Wrongly spelled words not underlined if modifying other words in a sequence

and I can reproduce it from the steps here:




Have spell checking enabled

1. Open

2. Change font to Arial (couldn't reproduce with the default font)

3. Type "oner twor threer fourr fiverr sicer sevenr"

4. Right click on "fourr" and select a valid word.

Actual result:

The first two misspelled words (oner twor) are not underlined.

Could also reproduce on and


III. Arejfour and jesseblo if you give me a set of detailed steps to reproduce, and it turns out to be a different bug than bug 816073, I will gladly file a bug on your behalf

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I have Firefox 17.0.1, my spell check is not working despite checking the checking my spelling when I type.

I tried loading the US dictionary if by chance that was the problem; it would take; perhaps as I already have it.

I also lost the default search engines, google, yahoo, bing, ebay, etc.; tried deleting select files in profile, that didn't work. I had to add by using mycroft project. Maybe the two two problems are related to 17.0.1 version in older operating system. Use window xp professional.

Any ideas on fixing the spell check without using reset function? I use it in twitter and hootesuite to send tweets. Tweetdeck, I believe has it's own spell check.

thanks. steve

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I have been using for a long time now. I have not seen the red line under a mispelled word for a long time now. Lets see if it works now. kkk Nope no red line. I have also noticed that when I right click on a word and go to nothing happens. Lets see if that works now. Nope I right clicked on a word and went to look up on and nothing happened. This two tools are important to me when I am replying to someone and since neither of them work, I am begginning to hate updates. Just like when I clicked on thunderbird and had to wait for it to update before it would run. It just seem like I am downloading hundreds of millions of bytes of upgrades and getting a worse product.

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I have no friggen idea - leaving it to the brain trust @ Mozilla to find/fix the very annoying and its been ok for years but is now broken problem. Tried the SAFE load but that didn't do anything useful.


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Ironically, what I reviewed comments send to my by the Mozilla community; the only solutions that worked were the ones I researched on my own. This related to missing default search engines and no spell check.

I researched this issue by myself and fixed my two major problems. My spell check got fixed by re-downloading the spell check library again. It likely got removed or corrupted during one of those automatic Firefox updates.

I added the missing default search engines, google, yahoo, bing, etc., by using the Mycroft project.

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I did receive many good solution fixes, but in the end, I found the solutions that worked by myself.

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How does one reinstall the spell check library?

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don't know - let's ask smagrill

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Here are the directories to reinstall the Firefox spell check library appropriate for your location, language, etc.

You can look here for dictionaries:
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Thanks for your prompt reply. I had previously installed spell check 6.0 and it didn't fix anything. The problem still persists.

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You may have to do a reset if you have Firefox 17.0.1 (latest non beta version). A reset is better than a total re-install.

The reset is found in the upper right hand corner by opening help, then troubleshooting information.

This explains the reset:

Recommend doing a back up of key files, but most everything will be saved after reset or on a special folder created by firefox. You should also copy your settings.

However, before doing this I would search the forums for other solutions on the spell check.

You will see some other spell check fix solutions in this forum where I was seeking similar help.

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