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I need to stop 3.5 from updating to 3.6


I am using VMware 2 on Windows. It only works with Firefox 3.5. I have FF 3.5.8 installed, and I did tell it not to check for possible updates. But it still continues to upgrade itself to FF 3.6.

Not only is it irritating to have to keep uninstalling 3.6 and reinstalling 3.5, but it is also irritating to have a switch that is completely ignored..

So where is the real switch to stop the update? I don't suppose app.update.auto or the other app.update settings in about:config will apply and I didn't see anything in browser: settings.

So how to I stop it upgrading and just run?

Thanks, John

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This happened

A few times a week

This started when...

I recently started running Firefox 3.5.8.

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It happens about once per week, but that wan't a choice above. I don't have any other troubleshooting information. I am stumped.

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Setting app.update.auto to false should stop the automatic update attempts. There is also app.update.enable that you could set to false.

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You can also set the app.update.url pref to an empty string.

Note that Firefox 3.5.8 is not the last Firefox 3.5.x version