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I have reinstalled, I have refreshed, UI and typing is SLOW, page loading is SLOW

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I have uninstalled, reinstalled, and I have refreshed. After refreshing it's even worse. I also did places maintenance to no effect. DB is the same size as before. Scrolling is not smooth. It's like there is a problem with UI program aspect of FF.

I routinely have about 100 page tabs up and while I do not expect performance to be razor sharp becuase of this, since a Flash update, I think, things have gotten crazy. In safe mode though, it was no better. Safe mode should have disabled Flash, from what I can tell.

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Okay, so my problem turned out to be ENTIRELY about a memory leak in a particular webpage plugin for two for my Wordpress sites. The Wordpress version is 4.5 and the plugin is called Wordfence, a security monitoring plugin. The version of that is 6.3.1.

As a fix I go to that webpage when I need to and then move off that page when done. It's a bit inconvenient and certainly it took me forever to find this. Complicating my issue was the number of tabs I keep active, which I wanted to keep.

I would have found this problem MUCH FASTER by using the about:memory report in FF. IMO, if you're having issues and you suspect FF, run the about:memory first, especially while the problem is occurring, then study it.

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After adjusting the cache size to 1024 and a few restarts it's working better. I don't know exactly why a few restarts would help but everything seems better now and typing can keep up with me. Pages still load on the slow side but it's workable, perhaps close to normal.

I lost a lot of setting in the refresh step. It would be nice if they added a way to restore the old setup after running the refresh, if you wanted to. Still I'm glad for all the automation that the Mozilla staff has added to the troubleshooting of programs.

BTW, my Thunderbird now, which I did not touch during this process, runs better than ever. Whatever is shared, if anything, must have been problematic.

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I notice now that when Flash is running my browser goes not responding for a while. I guess that's the core problem or that Flash has problems.

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Hi BreezyOhio, It sounds like you have sorted most of it out yourself.

safemode does not disable flash and is intended for troubleshooting only

You can set FlashPlayer to ask to play. Otherwise it may run adverts on a lot of sites.

The Refresh creates a copy of the old profile on the desktop. That does open up the possibility of restoring most of the changes, although it may be fiddly and not worth while, or you may have already deleted the folders.

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I turned off protected mode for the flash player and now videos run cleanly and do not seem to even use Flash. When I right click on the video it's a whole different menu and it's the YouTube HTML5 Video Player.

This EXACT SAME video from the exact same website was using Flash before a reboot of FF. What's with that?

I use an ad blocker, of course, so there shouldn't be too many Flash items running at once.

Flash had been updated beforehand, BTW.

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Well that didn't take long ... now I'm getting scroll stalls and typing stalls too .. about 3-10 seconds in length.. FF goes not responding too. Should I uninstall again, delete the folder, and reinstall?

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Any advice? I uninstalled and reinstalled and not much difference. Typing is better for the moment.

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If the Refresh worked last time probably repeating that is the quickest and easiest option. If you then try to restore the profile do it one file at a time (2 for the passwords ! ) and test after each file is moved.

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The refresh made things worse. I have backups though I hate to lose all my open tab layouts. What file are those kept in? How do I get rid of everything and and use backups to restore them? What folders are they located in. Is there a profile to delete? Sorry but I can only get one letter entered every 10 seconds or so.

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Problem solved. It was in the profile. Creating a new profile, installed FBE and then restoring top a few days ago fixed it.

I guess I should have suspected it earlier when the refresh made things worse.

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The problem seems to be within the profile. Are the there any tips on what kind of problems to look for? Crazy file sizes, perhaps a corrupt personal dictionary since it slows typing immensely?

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Comparing profiles I can see lots of file size variability in the safebrowsing folders. Is ther ea way to reset safebrowsing to default files?

BTW I did not see a persdict.dat file or anything close to it.

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You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"

You need to close and restart Firefox after toggling this setting.

You can check if there is an update for your graphics display driver and check for hardware acceleration related issues.

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When you uninstall does FF leave Windows Registry keys? If so, how can I delete them before a re-install. Things are not getting better, like I presumed that they were. The program, after being up on screen for 2 hrs is totally frozen and I have to shut it down with process explorer.

It seems that the longer it runs the worse the problem gets, whether it's being used or not. Does that help?

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Sorry, your Firefox seems pretty bad at the moment.

The activities of security software can affect Firefox and slow it down or block use, especially if you have multiple competing security programs &/or they are outdated or setup incorrectly. The flipside is malware. That can wreak havoc. It would be a good idea to check using all the tools listed in this article.

Take care with using multiple profiles. I usually advise people never to rename or delete profiles as mistakes are easily made. Glad to see you are taking precautions and backing up profiles.

Try comparing and combining these troubleshooting steps do any give big improvements.

  • Firefox SafeMode
  • All Plugins disabled
  • Using a new profile
  • Using Window safemode

That is a rather a heavy handed blunt troubleshooting method but each disables certain features so helps narrow down the possibilities of what is causing the issue. For instance no point in toggling hardware acceleration if Firefox safemode does not help because that is one of the things safemode does. Sometimes Firefox crashing completely and giving a well defined Crash Signature is easier to fix than Firefox being slow. Looking on the bright side Firefox being so slow as you say and preventing typing is so bad and obvious that it may make troubleshooting easier.

It may be worth glancing at Memory & CPU usage just in case these always max out only when you have Firefox problems.

I would not worry about Windows registry keys at present they are not likely to be a primary cause of any Firefox performance issue.

You did say a new profile helped. If that is still the case it should help with troubleshooting. For instance set up a profile name it test01empty every time you want to test and compare with a new profile clear all the files out of it and start Firefox with that profile.

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Thanks John.

I can tell you that I only use AVG on my pc, and I ran scans when all of this started happening. There was one virus file, located in my spam folder so it was never installed. I try to run a very clean ship and in my last 10 years can think of only 1 virus I had, and it was taken care of quickly.

I have many years of data in my profile. I do have backups of my profile files, using FBE at around every month. I actually did a search of my registry for Firefox and what I could see looked fine .. mostly program launch paths and file associations.

When I did a complete new install with a new profile everything was quick, but of course, that excluded all my settings. When I created a new profile again and used FBE to restore a profile the problems seem to come back. FF has been running for about 40 minutes and right now I can type just fine. It seems to happen over the time of running FF .. maybe an hour or two or so it gets slow, and slow typing as well.

My history file is aver 8,000 bytes so it's getting close to it's max size of 10,000. I have cleaned it to no effect. I have 94 tabs open. What file stores open tabs? Maybe I should restore that file from a previous backup? Also in regards to cookies. Is there a way in FF that I can view/edit cookies? I tried about:cookies but that did not go.

In thinking back my problems seemed to start with a flash update which added an amazon search plugin. I uninstalled the plugin and did not ever use it. Just recently I did find an amazon file for that plugin in my appdata/roam/ profile folder and deleted it.

Are there any of my profile files that are constantly read which over time eat resources? Speaking of resources my memory use is about a gig right now. CPU is 9-10% In just a minute or so my cpu is now at 25% and climbing and scrolling is jerky again and typing is bad again.

Must go ..

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I have been restoring various copies of the places file and running the places management addon. Stability has improved. I read a support ticket here ..

At the end it indicates that one dedicated user was able to export settings into Chrome and then import back into FF and wind up with a fixed places file.

BTW, when I ran the places maintenance addon it indicated that the file was sane. However when I ran the maintenance it took forever and then changed the file size, making it larger, etc.

Things are still acting up though so I'm not sure that the places file is the problem. Just curious .. what exactly do I lose if I delete the places file? Does the current tab layout get lost? Pinned tabs? Protected tabs?


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Places can cause issues. It stores History and bookmarks. Firefox is pretty good at backing up bookmarks now. The browsing history however is only in Places. Bookmarks get precedence, so if you have a lot of bookmarks the space for history is less.

If you have hundreds or thousands of bookmarks on specialist subjects maybe consider using a separate profile when workng on that subject, alternatively consider making external lists. For example export the specialist bookmarks HTML and open the HTML file in your standard profile Firefox just as a browser tab.

To check if places is the problem recreate a profile put everything in it then delete the places file.

The open tabs used to be fairly fragile and not backed up well but that has improved tremendously with Firefox keeping multiple internal backups in the profile. Ordinary users probably do not see them but Firefox uses them if something goes wrong, or more advanced users can take advantage of them directly. This is a good explanation of the change

As for your comment about using Google Chrome all that will be is recreating the places file with new bookmarks. It will destroy your History and it is simpler to backup your bookmarks, rename places and restore your bookmarks. No need to involve Google Chrome.

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You would normally only lose the history when you delete places.sqlite unless there are no undamaged compressed .jsonlz4 available in the bookmarkbackups folder or created manually by yourself.

The information about pinned and open/closed tabs is stored in the sessionstore.js and in the files present in the sessionstore-backups folder.

See also:

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Hundreds of bookmarks? I just checked and I have about 6500 of them. Have I hit a tipping point?

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I do not understand the details of the algorithm used so I will let cor-el answer that. You mentioned places maintenance earlier. I think the text status log from that will show whether you are hitting limits. You may also notice the time period of stored History will be decreasing once you hit the storage limit.

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