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Just updated to Windows 10. Cannot see the "Minimize" let alone "reduce/enlarge" size symbol at top right of screen. Only see the red background white 'X'.

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Cannot see the Minimize let alone reduce/enlarge size symbol at top right of screen. Only see the red background white 'X'.

Not particularly interested in closing Firefox each time I want to work with another app. If I want to view my desktop, unable to get Firefox out of the way without closing the app.

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hi, could you provide a screenshot of the problem? search for the snipping tool in the start menu to create one easily...

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If you use a non standard windows theme or made other appearance changes then try to revert those changes and use a (different) standard theme or Windows wallpaper.

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I was asked (in the first response to my inquiry) to submit a 'Snipping Tool' snapshot of the scenario I was encountering with regards to the missing Minimize & Reduce/Enlarge.

Upon opening Firefox, it became clear the only way to 'reveal' the screen options was to manually move the curser over the upper right field of the screen.

The Snipping Tool does not enable this requirement when it is in the 'take-an-image-snapshot' mode. Basically that option is a non-starter from the expected help tool.

However, the time of day here has changed and the room environment is a bit darker than when I registered my Firefox enigma situation.

I have attempted to attach the specific Snip-It image. I see the "Uploaded images" icon is continuing to show the spinning progress logo. I presume it will not load for some reason.

Back to the challenge, I just noted (in my current time of day environment's lower light setting) the almost imperceptible Underscore with a similar Box beside are both located in the upper right area. Just not typically viewable.

Under no circumstance do any of these items highlight when the curser glides across. As I identified, these necessary tools are barely perceptible in otherwise normal lighting environment.

About the only thing I suggest which contributes to possibly confusing the visibility is the Firefox background, The environment background is that of a starry night sky. As a matter of interest, I need to move my head sideways across the screen to actually barely notice the underscore line in the upper left side of the screen. From there I need to basically look-look-look harder to sort of perceive what should be a box between the underscore and the highlighted 'X'.

It suggests to me the solution is for Firefox to ensure all 3 each of the screen options at the top left of the users' screen actually highlight in a fashion similar to the "X" aka Close option.

I expect this epiphany might also help any others who are somewhat confused, needlessly, for the lack of a straight forward, basic tool feature.

Should be a simple programming fix in my opinion.

Have a great day. FYI - the "Uploaded images" icon continues to spin suggesting to me the Snipped image has not loaded.



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Oops... "to actually barely notice the underscore line in the upper left side of the screen" should have read as "to actually barely notice the underscore line in the upper RIGHT side of the screen"

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thanks, i could reproduce this with the current beta and a persona theme with a dark background - however in the next version (firefox 41) this seems to be fixed as the button color gets inverted and displayed white on black. so mozilla seems to be aware of that issue and a fix is in the loop...

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what happened to firefox in version 40? no cursor, no buttons, can't close, can't move, can't work in it, just static white page filling whole screen.

I was unable to see pdf files online in my previous version of Firefox so I updated the browser to the latest version Firefox 40 today 20/Sep/2015

when opened the browser, it filled the entire screen of my desktop, actually it spilled over the screen so that I coudn't see the text on edges.

There was no status bar, absolutely no buttons or hints of buttons whatsoever, such as minimize or close, let alone move back left or right - nothing, zilch, just white Google page that used to be my home page, the right click did not reveal anything and I could not even type in the search bar. The cursor was also missing on the page.

Basically it was just a completely static white page with a picture of Google search bar in the middle. The only way I could rid of this nuisance was CTRL-ALT-DEL.

VERY disappointed as was a fan of Mozilla for many years. Now have to go back to other browser

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press f11 in order to enter/leave the fullscreen mode in the browser

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You can check if you can start Firefox in Safe Mode by holding down the Shift/Options key.

You can try to disable hardware acceleration in Firefox.

  • Tools > Options > Advanced > General > Browsing: "Use hardware acceleration when available"

You need to close and restart Firefox after toggling this setting.

You can check if there is an update for your graphics display driver and check for hardware acceleration related issues.