Download, install and migration

Download, install and Migration

  • Installing Thunderbird on Windows This article describes how to install Thunderbird on Windows.
  • Moving Thunderbird Data to a New Computer This article explains how to move Thunderbird data (such as account data and messages) to a new computer.
  • FAQ Thunderbird and Windows 7 This page has answers to frequently asked questions regarding Thunderbird and Windows 7.
  • Installing Thunderbird on Mac This article describes how to install Thunderbird on Mac OS.
  • Thunderbird Software Update Failed Thunderbird includes a Software Update feature that automatically checks for updates and prompts you to install them when necessary. Sometimes, the updater fails and displays the following error message: "Software Update Failed The update could not be installed. Please make sure there are no other copies of Thunderbird running on your computer, and then restart Thunderbird to try again." This article presents possible solutions to this problem and workarounds to get Thunderbird updated.
  • Installing Thunderbird on Linux This article will show you how to install Thunderbird on Linux.
  • Installing Thunderbird This article links to instructions for how to install Thunderbird.
  • New in Thunderbird This article lists all the new features included in each Thunderbird release.
  • New in Thunderbird 24 This article describes the major changes in Thunderbird version 24. For a complete list of bugs that have been resolved in the release, refer to the [ complete Thunderbird 24 fixed bugs list].
  • Thunderbird can't be opened after you install it on a Mac - How to fix How to install Thunderbird on your Mac when you see this error: "Thunderbird can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed."