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I cannot access any websites useing the brower window. It simply doesnt' respond at all. Search window and bookmarks work fine, just the brower window does not respond.

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After entering a web address in the browser window and hitting enter, NOTHING happens. Hitting the "go to address in the location bar" arrow also produces no reaction at all. For ANY website. I've tried clearing my history and cache, & cookies, I've tried turning off my Firewall....nothing helps. I can use a search window in Firefox and access websites, I can click on a Bookmark and access websites. It is just the Location Bar that has stopped working.

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I presume you are talking about the location bar (address bar) is not working.

If you have "AVG Safe" or "Site Advisor" extensions, disable them and see


Also in 7.0.1 you can no longer invoke JavaScript from the location bar in any manner including use of a keyword shortcut, or invoking a bookmark from the AwesomeBar feature, This really impairs me.