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Firefox window in fullscreen will cover the taskbar when I'm focused on another non-fullscreen window

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As we all know the fullscreen mode does exactly what you'd expect, it makes Firefox cover the entire screen, including the taskbar. That's great.

However sometimes I'm running more than one window of Firefox and if only one of the windows is in fullscreen it will cover the taskbar even when I alt-tab to any of the windows that aren't in the fullscreen.

I'll provide a screenshot to show my case. And as you'll be able to see if I mouse-over links in the taskbar they're clickable, so the fullscreen window is still active through the area where taskbar should be once you're running a window that isn't in fullscreen.

That's quite annoying and gets in the way so I'm wondering is that an oversight or a bug (I hope it's not an intended feature) and is there a way to fix that in config or will I have to wait for the developers to fix this in a patch eventually, if they would even want to.

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I bet that that bug is difficult for most users to reproduce (how do you switch desktop without using keyboard shortcuts in fullscreen). I wonder if the taskbar is still hidden if you open Task View (Windows + Tab) and right click the other application's window to move it to a different desktop and switch to that desktop.


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I didn't even know about multiple desktop feature. I tried it out and yeah, if I throw the fullscreen firefox window onto another desktop then it doesn't cover the taskbar of non-fullscreen firefox windows on original desktop.

I do prefer to have everything on one desktop though so I can just alt-tab through them. I also have alt-tab micro set to one of my mouse buttons so if I have say two firefox windows I can switch between them very quickly with a single mouse button press.


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