How do I know the status of my sync?

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Action required: Update Firefox to maintain account sync post-March 31, 2024.

If you are running a version of Firefox equal to or older than Firefox 78 (general release or ESR) and you have a Mozilla account, you must follow these steps to ensure continued operation of your account in Firefox:

  1. Make sure you remember your password for your account on Firefox. If you do not have your password, you can use your account recovery keys to change your password. If you do not already have account recovery keys, you will need to reset your password without recovery keys.
  2. Backup your profile folder, just in case anything goes wrong.
  3. Update your Firefox browser.
    If you get an error when trying to update, you can reinstall Firefox.
  4. Sign back in to your account in the newly-updated Firefox.

The Mozilla account toolbar menu icon lets you know when you are signed in and syncing Firefox data across devices.

Note: The icon you see when signed in FxA Icon signed in can be personalized with your own avatar.

How do I know my Firefox Sync status?

The toolbar menu lets you know your Mozilla account and Sync status:

Waiting for email verification

Fxa89waiting for email

If a blue dot appears in your account icon, a verification email has been sent but you haven't verified your account yet.

Signed out (not syncing)

If the account icon is missing, you are not signed in to your Mozilla account and your information is not syncing. To sign in to Sync, click the menu Fx89menuButton button and click Sign In next to Sync and save data.

Tip: you can also sign in from the Sync panel in Firefox settings: In the Menu bar at the top of the screen, click Firefox and then select Preferences or Settings, depending on your macOS version.Click the menu button Fx89menuButton and select Settings. Select Sync on the left and click Sign in to sync…

Signed in

If the first letter of your username appears in the icon, or, if you see your personalized toolbar icon, you are signed in to your Mozilla account. Click the account icon to learn your Sync status. When Sync is enabled, you will see a Sync now menu item; Firefox will start syncing when you click it.

If Firefox is not currently syncing your information, Sync is disabled and you will see a Turn On Syncing… menu item; click it to open the Sync settings panel, where you can turn on syncing and choose what to sync.

How do I personalize the toolbar icon with profile image?

  1. Click the menu Fx89menuButton button, then click your Mozilla account profile name.
    (You will need to sign in to your Mozilla account, if you are signed out.)
  2. Click Manage Account.
  3. In the Mozilla account page that opens, click the Add… button next to Picture.

Why am I signed in to my Mozilla account in Private Browsing?

If you open a private window while signed in to your Mozilla account, you will stay signed in on the private window so you can continue managing bookmarks, access your synced passwords and save new passwords while in Private Browsing.

Since your history is not recorded in Private Browsing, your Mozilla account will not pick up or sync your browsing history.

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