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Lolu chungechunge lwavalwa lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

How do I go back to firefox not looking like a web designer's first attempt at web 2.0, seriously this looks awful, please fire whoever did this.

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Ugh. Even after using the theme restorer add-on, it's still not the same. What have you done, why have you done it?

What did making these changes accomplish, honestly? Stylized tabs? No option to turn them off without installing a theme? Why did you mess with the options? The fact that a theme exists just to revert your awful changes means that I'm not the only one that finds having all their settings and layout choices messed with upsetting.

Why mess with the design at all, without asking users to approve it? If you make the browser faster, great, fine. Why does the shape and placement of my tab bar have anything to do with that?

Seriously, who looked at the new design and thought "Yep! That's what we want! Approve it!"? How did multiple people approve this terrible crap?

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Wow, you're really upset about this, huh? Is it really that bad? I think Firefox looks great! Anyway, if you want to go back to an older version of Firefox, you can find all of the previous versions here.

Okulungisiwe ngu user1068417

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You are on the Beta channels so revert to the Release and that is Firefox28 still. Just download it and install over the existing Firefox do not remove personal information.

This is not the place to discuss developers decisions, although no doubt when Fx29 does hit the release channel discussions will start, but probably rather pointless. After all the planning and preparation no one is expecting any sudden u turns.

I will escalate this thread. That will draw it to the attention of the professional full time paid HelpDesk staff, lets see how they respond.

For others possibly unaware of the prospective changes and the workarounds and information articles here is a useful listing

Modified March 29, 2014 10:12:03 PM BST by John99

and also see

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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Hi marasamune,

Thank you for raising your question, my name is Rachel and I am part of the SUMO Help Desk. I understand that there are concerns about the new look for Firefox version 29.

This blog post give a tour of the new look

Australis is also a work in progress, where each version will be better than the next. We want to hear the feedback. Please also provide your feedback in Thank you.

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Got here from other forums, as a FF user fro over 10 yrs, I do not like FF29/Australias, I think its terrible and how less custom options mean more custom options I will never understand. Not been able to change tabs or toolbars etc is not more customibility period !!. also to make such changes in an update for FF28 FF29 was totally irresponsible and if it was done in my company there would be now repercussions for the developers. I had already reverted back to FF28 and was quite happy but through forums found Pale Moon and it is what I personally want, it even has the status bar back as default, the migration tool was also excellent and now I have fully customizable Web Browser with my tabs on bottom, addon bar on the bottom, able to change the back, forward,reload and stop buttons and also its menus are smaller that in FF which gives alot more screen space and also Full screen with video is also better that FF29. Shame on you Firefox for this FF29 mess and even more shame for refusing to acknowledge your mistake and give users option to have same options in FF29 and to give option to remove the new stuff that people don't like. Also on first viewing seem to use less memory and releases it better when closing tabs without having to close the browser completely as with FF to releases used memory, again in my company the memory consumption would be tackled before new UI design etc, like whats the point of having what looks like a Ferrari on the outside when its a Micra engine under the hood !!

Okulungisiwe ngu Dellboy666

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Just a thought but Palemoon being based on on older Firefox may not do any better memory & performance wise. In fact performance and memory may be negatively affected by the fact that Palemoon it is using older builds as a starting point.

Glad you re now happy with your solution, and although you are free to run whatever you wish I would recommend using an insecure unsupported version of Firefox as that increases the risks to your System and personal data.

You are not asking a support question and are using a thread that was started by someone else whilst Australis was still in Beta.

We do not normally discuss development decisions and policies on this support forum, but there is a thread we have left open for that purpose at present. Maybe you would be interested in reading or commenting in that.

Note Developers will not read this forum but if you make a short comment on input they are analysed statistically and aggregated results made available for Developers.

If you have particular issues with memory usage and decide to continue using Firefox and update to a supported version (Currently Fx29.0.1) please

I will close this thread now.

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If you don't like it, don't use it. Please don't ruin the experience for everyone else. I happen to like what Firefox has done with the new UI, and a lot of other people have too. There's always Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, or whatever else there is if you absolutely hate Firefox 29.