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Lolu chungechunge lwabekwa kunqolobane. Uyacelwa ubuze umbuzo omusha uma udinga usizo.

A two part question regarding Flash player and Firefox plugin.

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  • Igcine ukuphendulwa ngu John99

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Things have gotten worse. I am unable to reset Firefox because the moment I go to Tools> (etc) reset Firefox, it crashes.

None of the Flash help I have received from both Adobe and Mozilla is helpful.

I finally uninstalled Firefox completely and on a whim, thought I would install Seamonkey. It runs.........But, will not play ANY Flash. The plug in crashes as soon as I try to access any Flash site.

I can use Chrome with no difficulty. I can use IE with no difficulty. So, guess what??? Firefox is out until someone can fix the problem. I'm convinced that Firefox can not handle any Flash software whether Macromedia, Adobe, Shockwave or any other part of it. That is totally unacceptable.

The way I see it, I need to revert to an older version of Firefox AND Flash player. Once I can do that I think it will work together because none of this happened until the newest version was installed.

Where can I find all the older versions of Firefox?? And will I have any difficulty installing them.

Like I said before, I'm a long time fan of Firefox. Problem is, it tries my patience just to get it running again when you folks do an upgrade. The problem ALWAYS involves Flash in some form.

With great anxt and sadness,


Isisombululo esikhethiwe

I don't know what happened or if I did something right for a change. Flash player is now working in FF. A few of the things I did was

I found that my graphics drivers were out of date so I installed up to date AMD drivers.

As Carm mentioned, I checked it out and downloaded all the updates for the anti everything I have plus a couple new ones.

I really didn't do any more than clean up a few things and someplace in there, both Youtube and Dailymotion started working, Sites that use Silverlight still don't work, however.

Is there a way to force HTML5??

Funda le mpendulo ngokuhambisana nalesi sihloko 👍 0

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Based on your plugins list, looks like you are having multiple versions of Flash still installed. Can you please check the plugins installed in Firefox to keep the latest version of Flash

  1. Shockwave Flash 11.9 r900
  2. Shockwave Flash 11.7 r700
  3. Shockwave Flash 11.4 r402
  4. A plugin to detect whether the Adobe Application Manager is installed on this machine.

And to get the older version of Firefox, you can visit the public FTP site of Firefox. For instance, to get the Firefox 25.0, English (US) version of the installer, you can go here FF25.0 EN_US

Hope this helps.

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Hi Al / Andy,
Thanks for posting. Sorry you are feeling disillusioned with Firefox, Flash Player and the support provided. We should be able to find a solution or a workaround, but note bugs and investigations will centre on supported software not insecure and unsupported versions of Flash & Firefox.

For now forget the Firefox Reset, that is a very simple solution but aimed at users unable to follow instructions to for instance rename and edit files, not at field engineers! It may have helped if you responded in your previous threads.

  1. "I am unable to stream tub videos and movies. Why? What do I need??" suggested trying Firefox's safe mode
  2. "Absolutely no videos will play." suggested disabling protected mode
    see also
  3. Now try setting up a new additional test profile.
    See Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles
    Run that in
    • Firefox's safe mode
    • With only the latest Flash Player version enabled,
      and with protected mode disabled
    • It is probably best not to even have the previous versions of Flash Player installed at all.
  4. Hopefully Firefox now does not crash and plays Flash Videos. If not we are able to investigate further.

Previous versions Flash & Firefox
I am certainly not aware of any issue other than protected mode causing widespread problems with Flash Player and Firefox that stops Flash from playing totally or crashes Firefox.Only problems affecting supported versions will be fully investigated. If you must test Fx 25 use Fx25 esr as an additional custom install with its own profile. At least

  • That is secure.
  • It is supported for business use. If a bug is found it will be investigated.
  • Although not intended for personal use it is better to use for trouble shooting than the standard Fx25.
  • Do not expect support trying to use these old insecure versions, or any fix to bugs found in them
    • UNLESS the bug affects current versions.
    • However if something works in Fx25 and not in Fx ≥ 26 you have demonstrated a regression and therefore an apparent bug in the Firefox Release.

It is stating the obvious to say Firefox should not crash. Flash Hangs and Cashes are however, all too common, and not always easy to solve. Something is badly amiss however if Firefox crashes when you try to use the User Interface for instance attempting to reset it.

Please paste into your next reply 3 or 4 Crash IDs from the new test profile running in safe mode if indeed it does still crash.
Navigate toabout:crashes look for Crash IDs starting with bp-
See Troubleshoot Firefox crashes (closing or quitting unexpectedly)

Background info. Flash Player is highly integrated into Chrome, and IE uses a different Flash Player plugin. Flash Support may be withdrawn from Firefox in the future there is already reduced support now.

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Well now, this sucks. Just lost a letter due to your servers being down........

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I am going to provide an alternate solution that does not involve a too whole lot. literally download and double click. You will not find my methods on theses forums.

Okulungisiwe ngu Carm

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May have been a good idea to test some of your methods, and to say in what if any situations some of these work. (I actually invited you to do that.) Then put into context any handful of success in an uncontrolled situation with the many thousands of Flash problems each day.

EVERYONE The disabling protected mode is known to work in some instances and is already documented by Mozilla Mozillazine and by Adobe.

The clearing prefetch is probably harmless but as I understand it there is little if any evidence of it helping with Flash problems

Anyone considering using any sites must consider the dangers of downloading from unknown sources.

It is always wise to look for

  • reviews of the download site
  • reviews of the software offered
  • and scan any download for malware.
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John99, Carm and everyone else, Thanx so much for all the advice and ideas.

Sorry to have been slow and bringing all my frustration to the forum. It has been building for a while. Confusion is the root. That comes from being away from that line of thinking for around 30 years. Then, it was a way of life. Today, it's no fun due to loss of practice.

It has been a confusing. There were an abundance of problems that sort of came all at once. They included finding a windows update that hadn't been done (an update to .NET Framework 4.5.1). The update was not critical, however when trying to install it, it failed due to a bad register value which may have come from a virus of some sort. My anti virus stuff hadn't caught it so it still remains a mystery.

I remember something about Firefox being dependent on .NET. Don't know if there is a connection or not.

I have gone thru my installed programs and plugins and made sure all unnecessary were cleaned out. The ones needed were downloaded new, and a clean install done, including Firefox.

Crash IDs: bp-4f37d760-2e8a-4088-814e-9d2f72131230 bp-5620a102-3b94-4f9b-93b8-ad8c82131230 bp-66f19d66-96f3-4c64-aefb-ad7ba2131227 bp-54af8b7a-0d3c-4ccd-9dc5-3ff362131227 bp-f7baebcc-c96b-4271-a76e-9783b2131225

The crash report is long and varied. Do you want me to send everything in it??

There have been a lot of hangs: Warning: Unresponsive script I changed the script run time to "20" from 10. My next move is to install YesScript if the hangs keep happening.

The Flash player itself, once crashed, seems to be un-changable.

TubTub issues are the protocol for MS being mms:/ and when changed to http:/ will open in VLC player. I've been under the impression that Firefox would open then w/o any problems and it took more than a few minutes to figure that out.

Now, I still have an issue with Flash and am ready to start chasing it down. I think. Too bad there isn't a way to either be rid of Flash all together or embrace it fully. Or, have Firefox use HTML5 to show everything. Also, I seem to have a problem with Chrome and Silverlight.

All this only became important when I started getting into uploading videos to several video hosting sites. Youtube has ended up being a major pain due to false copyright claims and they need to have a close watch because a bunch of false hits can cost you. Having Flash not working has been painful because I don't want to put the time into fixing it. I just want it to work.


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Finally got my head sorted out enuf to fix things and Flash is now working.


Also forgot to tell you all, had a monitor driver failure during this mess.

What a mess.

andythebeagle.....................time for a bone

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Great to hear that you fixed it. Thanks for posting back.

We have recently not been promoting the protected mode fix as strongly as I would like. The Crash IDs are all that is required, we can look up further information, at least for a while from the strings or links.


Personally I certainly agree with your idea of the script for making disabling protected mode easier. We do know that is a solution that works in some cases.

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Just another comment.

I note some of your crashes involved VLC plugin not Flash.

For forums cross referencing purposes

  • Reports for your Crash IDs
    1. bp-4f37d760-2e8a-4088-814e-9d2f72131230
      • Crash F1398665248_____________________________
      • Related bugs include
        Bug 891813 - [adbe 3573456] Flash runtime error R6025 when switching yahoo video to fullscreen
        763237 { 775646 ); Bug 769131 & 763444 { Bug 763237 ).
    2. bp-66f19d66-96f3-4c64-aefb-ad7ba2131227
      • Crash Signature: @0x0 | HeapFree
      • No related bugs
      • Process Type plugin VLC Web Plugin Version: Filename:npvlc.dll

 Too bad there isn't a way to either be rid of Flash all together or embrace it fully. Or, have Firefox use HTML5 to show everything. Also, I seem to have a problem with Chrome and Silverlight. 

IIRC Silverlight support is dropping off.
FlashPlayer support for Firefox is definitely waning, Firefox Linux only getting security updates.

Firefox is moving away from reliance on FlashPlayer

edit fixed link single character typo, ~J99

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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I did check shortly after your post about the servers and did not see a problem. Anyone may get basic information from

You mentioned other crashes I hope that has resolved itself now.

Hoping you have a better new year, at least with a working Firefox

Cheers, John

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Well now.............that didn't last long..................Youtube crashes the Fox now. However there doesn't seem to be a log of it. Just stops working and windows shuts it down. Would forcing HTML5 on Youtube cause that?? That's the only site now. Dailymotion and others are good

Okulungisiwe ngu andythebeagle

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If you are getting crashes in You Tube when using HTML you will be able to disable or uninstall FlashPlayer. You should still be able to submit Crash Reports and provide Crash IDs.

I would suggest you test this out in a new additional Firefox profile. See

That will no longer be a Flash Player problem, and you would do better to post a new thread by asking a new question, (But be sure to mention this thread permalink)

Please ensure the troubleshooting information is again posted in the new thread.


Edit, use this link it will be recognised as relating to this thread, and cuts out a couple of steps

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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OK just give me a couple days

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andythebeagle, any progress?

If you are still getting crashes please furnish new crash Report IDs from the about:crashes page, that begin with bp- .

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I may be mistaken, and yet it seems that the update/upgrade to .NET 4.5.1 has had a negative effect on just about every plug in used by all my browsers in some way.

Silverlight, Flash, Windows Media Player and just about all other rich media type stuff. It seems to be dependent on the site and browser combination.

This appears to have started when the .NET framework was updated. It is very difficult to trouble shoot or repair. After following directions for all the different browsers and from all the plug in providers, nothing fixes the problem. The only common thing looks to be .NET.

I do a lot with videos, editing, converting and uploading to various sites. Most of mt video software has also been effected. Most will not even open and the ones that do quickly crash. They don't show a log because they just stop working and Windows shuts them down.

Okulungisiwe ngu andythebeagle

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disable all plugins exept flash if it fails, try flash 10 version then downgrade to prevoius ff

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Hi ololo123,
thanks for the suggestions.

Here are a couple of tips that may be of interest.
We usually try not to recommend downgrading Firefox, other than to advanced users (Like yourself or Andy in this thread) doing troubleshooting and able to follow instructions to install multiple Fx versions and use multiple Fx profiles.

Two reasons for this.

  1. Downgrading Firefox rarely solves any problems.
    • Some applications or addons may be incompatible, the solution of choice is to upgrade them.
    • Downgrading to an unsupported insecure version increases risk to personal data and the System.
      See Install an older version of Firefox
      That does have links for the downloading official copies of the older versions.
  2. FlashPlayer may; as you will be aware; be very troublesome; on Firefox. Again there are security concerns with downgrading. Adobe's own recommended last resort workaround here is to temporarily disable FlashPlayer's protected mode until a better solution is found.
  • Disabling Hardware Acceleration in both Firefox and the FlashPlayer plugin may also be worth trying
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After running diagnostics and doing some maintenance, the only browser affected seems to be FF. It gives several symptoms, the most common is it just stops running and Windows shuts it down with no logs or indications as why. It doesn't crash, it just quits.

There is no indication that Flash crashes.

I have been seeing noises on some of the software forums I follow that just maybe the .NET update may be involved in some way. This has affected most of my video editing and conversion software. They either won't load or just quit if they do.

Even if I completely uninstall the software and re install it, the problem is still there with no crash logs to indicate why.

My suggestion is that .NET has had a negative effect on FF in some way.

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Hi Andy,
I was hoping you might have tried a new profile and then reported the problem was solved.

  • Have you actually tried creating and using a new profile ?
  • Does Firefox work ok in a new profile when started in Firefox's safemode and with all plugins including Flash Player disabled ?
  • I know in that configuration Firefox will not be of much use to you but we really need to get an answer to that before trying to move on to sort out any other problems.

I try to avoid using Windows these days and do not understand .NET

It may be better to start a new question if the question is now asking how Firefox can be shutdown silently by Windows without crashing or producing a Windows event log. Or maybe someone such as Alice would prefer to answer in this thread and keep all the information in one place.

If you think posts in other fora are highly relevant to this issue are you able to provide links please ?

Are you able to easily reproduce a situation that makes this problem occur ?

As for your other software quitting, maybe that indicates a deeper problem with your system and maybe that is part of the reason event log s are not being produced.

Others may have better ideas but I am wondering if running in Windows own Safe Mode with network support is worth trying as a troubleshooting step. Maybe then Firefox will work without problems, or if it does misbehave it could then be able to produce crash reports.

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First, I want to apologize for the length of time it's taken. I have had time conflicts. Also, I am beginning to understand just why I got out of the business. There is much less ability to multi task today. Used to be this stuff stayed in my brain 24/7. Not so today. No wonder my brain hurt so bad for so many years.

This is effecting every browser which uses a plugin to view videos.

Have you actually tried creating and using a new profile ?

Yes. In all browsers.

Does Firefox work ok in a new profile when started in Firefox's safemode and with all plugins including Flash Player disabled ?

The only change I see is Youtube will sometimes play. Daily motion is difficult to determine accurately.

I know in that configuration Firefox will not be of much use to you but we really need to get an answer to that before trying to move on to sort out any other problems.

I fully get it.

Now, for page 2.

Silverlight will not work. Flash works part time with differing reasons for failure based on when FF quits, still with no error log. Silverlight fails in all browsers, including IE.

This leads me to believe even more strongly in the idea that .NET may be part of the cause. I'm hedging there just a bit because there are no error logs there either, with the exception of Netflix and Amazon that indicates a DRM issue. On Amazon I get an error code in the viewer that says 6003. The error code at Netflix calls it a N8156-6003.

Each browser and the video site involved have different trouble shooting pathways to take, but all lead to the same basic result. The plugin involved will not load.

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