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Is the flash update 11.3.300.265/ firefox13 update issue ever going to fixed?

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About a month ago I updated firefox to 13 and flash to 11.3 and I had the common issue alot of users had of firefox crashing. So as recommended I downgraded to flash 10.3 ( I don't have real player so I knew that wasn't the issue). 4 weeks passed and I'd read online that the issue had been fixed so I updated my flash again to 11.3 . As soon as I did i started having problems with flash content again, it's not crashing like before but firefox won't display flash content like my facebook games it just sticks and won't work ( these flash games play fine on IE with no sticking so I know it's a firefox / flash issue rather than a facebook issue also the games are all made by different company's which also suggests it's not a game developer issue but the main reason I'm quite sure it's a firefox / flash issue is the fact it happened as soon as I updated to flash 11.3 again), i can watch videos but not play flash content games. I've tried firefox in safe mode (addons disabled) and I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling flash 11.3. Neither made any difference What should i do ? do I need to downgrade to flash 10.3 again and if so is the issue ever going to fixed so I will beable to upgrade to 11.3 and stay on it and not have to keep downgrading flash version ?

Isisombululo esikhethiwe

I would first, downgrade to 10.3 and stay on that for a while. The Flash issues are ongoing, and hopefully Adobe will be releasing a new update that fixes the majority of them very soon. After that, you can upgrade to 11.3 and hopefully all will be well. I apologize for all the problems, but in this case our hands are tied as we wait for Adobe to release an update that finally fixes these issues.

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Isisombululo Esikhethiwe

I would first, downgrade to 10.3 and stay on that for a while. The Flash issues are ongoing, and hopefully Adobe will be releasing a new update that fixes the majority of them very soon. After that, you can upgrade to 11.3 and hopefully all will be well. I apologize for all the problems, but in this case our hands are tied as we wait for Adobe to release an update that finally fixes these issues.

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OK I shall downgrade to flash 10.3 again, thank-you for your speedy reply.

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It seems odd that we need to downgrade to 10.3 and wait for a fix from Adobe when neither IE or Chrome are affected by this problem. I really prefer Firefox, but this is trying. You can almost hear Firefox's market share draining away.

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This is getting old already. I have used firefox but recently i have switched to chrome as i can't get firefox to work right. I did down grade to flash 10.3 but i refuse to use it that way as they upgrade it for a reason. Until their is a fix i will no longer use firefox.

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sparktone, Chrome is bundled with Flash and IE uses a ActiveX version of Flash.

Adobe has apologized for the several issues that the Flash 11.3 has caused since its release a few days after Firefox 13.0 was.

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It would seem Firefox are blaming adobe , adobe are still to some point blaming real player but in the meantime people are leaving firefox by the busload and going over to the dark side ( google chrome ) which is a real shame, but I can see why people are fed up , I'm fed up . I just really hope this issue doesn't do firefox any real long term damage with the numbers of people who are leaving , hopefully they will come back. Firefox people you need to tell Adobe to pull their finger out and get it fixed because it would seem to me that the issue really lies with adobe , they keep on bringing out fixes / updates that may fix one issue but create another like in my case- firefox/ flash crashing has stopped with the latest 'fix' but now instead of crashing I get unplayable flash content games. Also these flash stability issues are happening on google chrome as-well but from what I can make out on the adobe website the stability issues are worse with firefox ( but I may be wrong as I use firefox it wasn't until recently I bothered reading much about the chrome / flash issues but because it's got to be such a big issue I've been reading up on it as much as I can)

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I've just updated to Firefox 14, but my flash version is still on 10.3 am safe to update to version 11.3 yet? have the issue's (crashing , video's not playing as they should and flash content sticking) been fixed yet, does anybody know? Am I safe to update my Flash to 11.3?

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You can try to update to Flash 11.3. However, not all the Flash issues have been resolved yet. If you don't have issues, stay on 11.3 If you do have problems, downgrade to 10.3 again. Sorry I can't give a more definite answer.

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Tried to update again today to flash 11.3 and I have the same issues so I have to downgrade again back to 10.3 this is no good because one of the reasons your meant to be on the most up dated version of flash is for security, on 10.3 version I'm at more risk of malware., when is this going be fixed, people are leaving Firefox in droves . I was advised to use the Firefox reset button which I have and I was also told un-checking the hardware acceleration and flash settings would help but neither made any difference. It's been two months now ppppplease fix this.

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The Flash 10.3 has all the security updates that 11.3 had. It only misses the protected mode. Running Flash 10.3 is not significantly less secure than 11.3.

Adobe is working on fixing this issue, unfortunately at this point there is little to do except to wait for a Flash update.

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As well as the flash issue I'm having issues with missing icons ( the bookmarks icon and now the little fox for reminder fox ) It seems to happen when I get updates, as usual I have tried disabling addons one by one , I've tried safe-mode and I've tried resetting Firefox but I can't get my icons to come come back .

I really need my reminder fox icon because that's the whole point of it to remind me of stuff ( I still get the pop-ups from reminder fox but I need the icon )  

I'm having to use a work around for my missing bookmark icon. I like to have icons not text it keeps my UI clean and tidy.I'm also worried that more icons are going to go missing with this issue.

I have included a screenshot as you can see everything has icons apart from reminder fox ,the bookmarks button won't show up at all ( they both show in the customize menu/ page but when I clink the 'done' button they disappear. 

With this issue and the flash 11.3 issue that is plaguing me I'm starting to think I should completely uninstall Firefox and reinstall a new fresh copy, is this a good idea? and would it maybe help with my flash issue because I know alot of my friends aren't having the flash 11.3 issue and they are on Firefox like me and also I read that the flash issue is happening more on older installations of Firefox that have been updated a number of times ( when I installed Firefox on this PC it was Firefox 5 now it is Firefox 14 so it's been updated alot ) Would a complete fresh install be a good idea?

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It's happening again. I completely uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled ( which took for ever for me to set it up as before ) and flash is crashing again and firefox is hanging / not responding for 10minutes at a time aswell. I'm on firefox 15 now and flash 11.4.

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You would be better starting your own thread for your own problems (One question is about missing icons). Use /questions/new.

This thread is getting old, there has been a security patch on some FlashPlayer versions and Firefox itself is now on version 15 or higher.

Some of these problems on Windows machines may be fixed by disabling Adobe Flash Player's protected mode. You will probably find up to date information and suggestions on the mozillazine KB e.g.

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the missing icon resolved it's self , the reminder fox icon came back on it's own after a month, but even since June-ish I've had nothing but trouble with
a) flash player crashing in Firefox and
b) Firefox just not responding for 5/ 10 minutes at a time.

I have Firefox 15.1 now and the so-called patch for flash player as I'm now on version 11.4 flash player , I've disabled hardware acceleration to no avail and I'm sorry but the' Disabling Protected Mode in Flash' looks very complicated for the average user , and I don't have real-player.

I will start a new thread as this issue is on-going ( for me anyway) is it possible that the Firefox not responding issue is related to the flash player crashing issue I have because sometimes the two happen at nearly the same time for example Firefox hangs for 5/10 minutes then the flash player crashes ( sometimes Firefox hangs for 5/10minutes and flash player doesn't crash), either way using Firefox has become a nightmare for me these past few months , with all the flash crashes every 10/15 minutes and Firefox not responding every 10/15minutes it takes me forever to do anything on-line. ( I even had a not responding period of 5minutes as I was writing this .)

edit, added spacing and line breaks -J99

Okulungisiwe ngu John99

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Continue with this thread if you wish, we already have details of your problem, and aside we have details of your system. I was more concerned that others were posting in your thread ands your own problem was getting ignored.

I will try to re-read this thread and see if I can offer any useful suggestions.

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Ok first of all the ReminderFox issues.

the missing icon resolved it's self , the reminder fox icon came back on it's own after a month

Sorry but this is not really something that I know anything about. It probably worth starting a new thread about that if you have problems again. If you post back here when you do so we can ensure a cross link is added for anyone wishing to follow the new discussion. Firerfox 16 will be released on about 9th October, lets see what happens to ReminderFox then.

I assume the software is this

I have found other posts about the subject, some of them may be worth looking at e.g.

In particular the last one mentions their own helpsite

If you do find a problem and a solution, I hope you post back about it or start a new thread, it may help others.

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Uninstalling Firefox, Resetting Firefox, New Profiles & SafeMode

It's happening again. I completely uninstalled Firefox and reinstalled ( which took for ever for me to set it up as before ) , 

Here is a bit of background information on troubleshooting.

Uninstalling and Reinstalling Firefox often does not solve anything

  • unless it is a regression and you need to downgrade, and even then that may create security issues.
  • you may need to try a clean install, involving deleting program or even profile files (CARE that will destroy information: passwords/bookmarks etc)

The new Firefox Reset feature
Is often recommended. Personally I do not like it.

  • The advantage is that it is easy to use so a novice may use it, and it does resolve some issues.
  • The disadvantage is that it removes software extensions that probably then need re-installing, and some of the lesser known settings may also disappear.
  • Documented: Reset Firefox preferences to troubleshoot and fix problems

Firefox's Safe Mode & New Profiles
SafeMode is very easy to use (such as from the menu, or from holding the shift key as Firefox starts) and so is a good and useful temporary troubleshooting step. Try to remember

New Profiles
This tends to be considered slightly advanced. It does have a very great advantage for anyone taking the trouble to use it. It will allow an additional profile to be created, so Firefox can be tested in differing configurations, and as long as care is taken the changes need not be permanent. Plugins or extensions may be effectively removed and settings and preferences changed whilst leaving the original profile as it is. It is probably a good idea if anyone new to using profiles never deletes or renames profiles, and only ever creates them in empty folders.


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is it possible that the Firefox not responding issue is related to the flash player crashing issue I have because sometimes the two happen at nearly the same time for example Firefox hangs for 5/10 minutes then the flash player crashes ....

It is quite possible the two are connected. Flash Problems and Firefox itself hanging.

What happens if you disable the Flash Player plugin ?

There are many other potential reasons for slowness of hanging, including firewalls or AV. IIRC some sites have been known to hang if adblock stops their advert content.

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Other potentially helpful ideas:

Disable Flash Player's protected mode

I'm sorry but the' Disabling Protected Mode in Flash' looks very complicated for the average user

This is really at the bottom of many of the FlashPlayer 11.3 et seq issues when used on Firefox and Windows >= Vista

You could use Flash 10.3 ; although that may have potential security issues, at least at a future date. Otherwise disabling protected mode is probably the most important step you should try when tying to resolve this sort of Flash Player issue.

One set of full instructions are here:

As an ordinary user you may find some of the steps not straightforward, basically it boils down to

  1. locating the file "mms.cfg" and copying the file to the Windows desktop
  2. open the file with Notepad (Notepad should be easy to use even if you have not tried it before)
  3. edit the file by adding a specific new line ProtectedMode=0 and saving it on the Windows desktop.
  4. rename the original by appending .bak to the name
  5. dragging and dropping the new edited file so that it is in the same folder as the now renamed original, and replaces it.

Maybe you would be willing to try that. If you have problems what part of the numbered instructions above are you having difficulty with ?

Try Firefox Portable

This is not an official Firefox build, but it is popular and is simple to install as a new and separate browser on Windows. It is completly separate from your ordinary Firefox installation, and does not require you to fiddle around creating a new profile.

You could try running Firefox portable (Firefox 15.01 for instance) and have Flash player and other plugins disabled in Firefox portable. It could give you clues as to what is likely to be causing your Firefox problems.

Personally I just tend to create new test profiles myself, but I do understand not everyone is happy with trying something like that.

I hope some of my ideas may be of some help to you.

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hello , john, thank-you for all your information I try go though it in some sort of order :) 'Uninstalling Firefox, Resetting Firefox, New Profiles & SafeMode'> I have done all this I completely removed and reinstalled firefox , and I have created new profiles because I use different firefox profiles so I don't have too many extensions on 1 profile ( If that makes any sense ) this profile is my main profile , and I have 4 others 1 I use for online shopping with add-ons like camelizer and amazon toolbar, 1 is like a security profile that 1 has more security type add-ons ( I still have security on this profile just not as much because I find security add-ons can really slow browsing) 1 for I use for downloading and 1 for that I have web development tools on like firebug. If I had all these add-ons on 1 profile it would really slow my Firefox down so that's why I've set up the other profiles to use as well as my main 1. The same thing happens on my other profiles ( crashing flash / firefox hanging / not responding) and I have tried the safe mode. I started a new thread as was recommend and I posted all my crash information I will post it here too in case it helps. Report ID Date Submitted db063dcf-1c0e-4a75-876f-2cc012120923 23/09/201209:47 646ced39-472c-4513-8b3b-b1f9d2120923 23/09/201209:47 d365976a-32a6-4b62-903c-5dd412120922 22/09/201211:58 675f07a8-37c2-4e17-8ccc-ea8bf2120922 22/09/201211:58 dee6cfa3-aff9-4742-abbb-91c7e2120922 22/09/201210:52 75ead75e-4146-4ec7-9f05-83bd42120922 22/09/201210:52 e26a1734-a1c6-4dea-b601-2acc34e2cb8e 20/09/201221:34 85133574-6cc8-49c9-97dd-fbb0a926eaf2 20/09/201221:34 4be1df5e-f4a7-4d43-bb86-d03d041394e9 20/09/201221:31 665d7b13-b1e5-4397-892c-06c277d6df83 19/09/201223:24 b0ed8e43-3637-4662-8f3b-4a8988878e2d 19/09/201223:24 28176d68-60ff-4158-853b-9df10830a6d9 19/09/201214:50 ef2fbec8-3032-4f23-80a6-de17ee39a732 19/09/201214:49 20590f63-3d7e-44d8-bce7-b95882120918 18/09/201213:13 17df7708-2ca4-4d8e-be63-82a782120918 18/09/201213:13 aba716d1-0595-47f7-8f99-4ed9c2120914 14/09/201215:15 cf1bafed-40b5-47ad-a52f-af8152120914 14/09/201215:15 d6a0cca9-f630-4594-a768-aea042120914 14/09/201213:09 dae266ff-9819-438e-9928-b9144212091414/09/201213:09 f74f4b72-fca1-4bfe-b4e2-878562120914 14/09/201212:41 e75eb33c-49db-4960-b54a-7dc1a2120914 14/09/201212:41 6d705172-75dd-4c5b-bc12-3ea67a66f981 13/09/201222:00 d9d1ff41-0eb0-47d0-bbd3-02c4890b3b52 13/09/201222:00 f0f2c723-3acf-4a0e-a487-5910d2120913 13/09/201221:04 8a42c158-2c33-432f-8fd9-bab752120913 13/09/201221:04 7f7b4c45-6f8f-449d-a55d-c0177bac8e94 13/09/201220:28 e7bcaa20-5508-407e-a36d-7c6e1042ae87 13/09/201220:28 c5537bb6-4005-40eb-8d7f-b8aa42120913 13/09/201220:14 09c89198-eee2-4f07-ba08-2e28c2120913 13/09/201220:14 848bf7e6-881b-41d5-9e00-b9500e1be1b3 13/09/201218:38 91d3905b-d560-486d-be13-f7beaffa7f74 13/09/201218:38 49e29396-8087-4310-82a5-6423fcd56f47 13/09/201218:10 d21b46cc-dcf3-4db7-91f0-1bcfd64f66f8 13/09/201218:10 a4c56fc2-3de5-4912-b2b7-138266850b36 13/09/201213:15 75da7f7d-6a9e-4fce-9aa1-7c3e9d4b359f 13/09/201213:15 c8d1a059-abae-4bef-912f-2594731e18bb 12/09/201221:52 e3ee39be-eae2-404f-bbd6-211ee98821e3 12/09/201221:52 1b352a39-7c43-44c7-bc24-812dd2120911 11/09/201212:31 7c4e6672-18cc-46d9-b585-d38092120911 11/09/201212:31 272d9659-6d97-4495-adaf-fdd842120910 10/09/201211:59 e972c192-0f6a-4b44-9641-52b2d2120910 10/09/201211:59 64b218fa-5e99-4e04-ba36-6e5cd639a842 09/09/201214:04 d02ffd23-2bf9-4d20-b431-badbde5b8ffe 09/09/201214:04 843d8378-faf4-4bfe-950d-880a5f102897 09/09/201213:25 4d6cfa70-d7d7-4f83-96d3-6695900e66e6 09/09/201213:24 7eace735-3ec9-4fe8-afb5-52842b785dce 09/09/201213:24 092f573c-e49e-4c88-b62e-0a0142120908 08/09/201223:26 3036cbdf-b0de-408a-9c5e-a9d362120908 08/09/201223:26 b902dd2b-6e97-4475-b82a-6a4f7589a0f2 08/09/201222:58 70aae51c-551d-4be0-ad88-c8244508df4a 08/09/201222:58 d3807559-ebe5-48d4-a77d-4721fabd90a4 08/09/201222:28 f3c638f5-ddbd-4996-a5dc-c228ba3ac54c 08/09/201222:28 fd781b31-dafd-4757-a428-ea05f96a2ae4 08/09/201222:20 e578467b-3546-4230-9e62-aa7642120908 08/09/201209:21 431b8aff-43c6-4350-a889-61b6e2120908 08/09/201209:21 8f5f212d-2d4f-401a-b2ec-3bf846cb852c 05/09/201210:45 c06fb594-747f-4652-8adc-83811b725782 05/09/201210:45 dc9b4b31-ec1c-4a60-985a-27438b4b11ec 04/09/201223:02 97cc2d69-d621-4d28-9250-3402666798d8 04/09/201223:02 ddd01dd6-dccb-4aee-a614-59d4fbe08428 04/09/201220:58 bf086ddc-4d54-4772-9a0b-2126e2120904 04/09/201220:41 a45c5433-1b7f-45d7-b31e-68b8e2120904 04/09/201220:41 e59492c1-895c-4acb-ae4e-e50d82120904 04/09/201219:18 6e936991-032b-4186-8d58-a1a372120904 04/09/201219:18 5bf80425-156b-4836-9177-c39b99086878 04/09/201217:52 4da88296-d8b1-465a-8512-3512b69911e8 04/09/201217:46 7c50c6c6-ea93-4ac9-9381-4765c2120904 04/09/201217:46 f893352a-47b5-4f35-8838-d7a732120904 04/09/201217:46 76a4f5ce-71cc-47ff-84a5-5aa29f7786fb 04/09/201217:43 9050f9f0-cabe-4b0c-b0fd-b06f6cba61cf 04/09/201217:00 0f143af2-e56a-411b-8a77-d2351d61a101 04/09/201217:00 db064c43-20d0-4d80-99bf-ddb6f1e6a5d5 04/09/201216:38 fb138a71-f4cd-4a22-beea-763f92120902 02/09/201215:38 e8ba3e7b-3b50-43ff-9522-cde012120902 02/09/201215:38 f95f2e77-91ae-4068-ad0d-8b35a24d7753 02/09/201211:41 bc692962-740d-4aba-a22f-21fa9e28bb05 02/09/201211:37 5e924ac4-9ac6-49dd-9863-2497eef6a6f3 02/09/201211:36 fe5b151a-f61f-4717-9586-d8dbc2120902 02/09/201211:16 aca46c33-4813-4c06-8061-28cd02120902 02/09/201211:16 72291bf3-c41b-4a98-8fd9-a922d2120902 02/09/201209:24 d86cecaa-8c85-478f-b19d-2f0592120902 02/09/201209:24 73f441e7-59db-4f72-9faa-806012120901 02/09/201200:56 b774598c-ac47-4b9d-a431-a5ce62120901 02/09/201200:56 0639b355-5c73-4e74-89a4-afba94da6fd0 02/09/201200:03 2e03000b-78bf-4705-9801-2cee618de6c6 02/09/201200:03 fc9621b8-2492-4a12-944d-016fdda5ac4c 01/09/201220:41 bbcab56a-cce4-40d7-b97f-15dab777e3a5 01/09/201220:41 2ae62530-e839-4d1b-a93f-a72fc55a7ca1 01/09/201219:57 275e4a5f-0109-4107-a7cc-b6239eafa430 01/09/201219:57 f6fb18a4-12cb-4b80-9857-35a9f80eb08e 31/08/201210:08 67cc8742-d840-4da1-8fd9-849888aa42a1 30/08/201218:57 2e74487f-8857-4cbd-9f9f-ccfebe129876 27/08/201212:51 9d357110-549d-48bf-b559-0dcf91bd4b4e 27/08/201212:50

'It is quite possible the two are connected. Flash Problems and Firefox itself hanging.

What happens if you disable the Flash Player plugin ? ' I haven't tried that yet but I will try and

'Disable Flash Player's protected mode' I'm going to have a go at this wish me luck ha ha Another bit of information I thought may be useful is that although the Firefox not responding happens all the time and if I don't have flash content running firefox just freezes for 5-ish minutes which is annoying but usually it comes back to life on it's own after I leave a while . If flash content is running, the worse content for causing the not responding/freezing followed by a flash crash is facebook games , I don't weather that last it of information helps, it seems these facebook games push Firefox to it's limits because when one is running physical memory use seems to go up too ( in windows task manager ) Physical memory is at 94% CPU 76% Processes 108 > all I have running is Firefox and sync with my online storage ( dropbox) and windows, on Firefox I have this page open and a facebook game open in another tab , I have the game open so I can monitor the memory , CPU and Firefox hanging/ not responding and flash crashes. I hope this information is of some use.

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