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Aurora Nightly updates don't work

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I'm using the "Nightly" version of Firefox/Aurora, and I'm constantly getting a dialog box telling me that there is an update available. Clicking ok on that dialog shows "connecting to update server" but never connects.. I've left it "connecting" for up to an hour before finally closing the window.. How *does* actually *get* updates for the nightly version??

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That appears to be a Mozilla build of Firefox and so should update it self automatically.

Try reinstalling again the latest version over the top of the current install. Take care not to uninstall the Firefox profile. In fact if you have anything of importance i.e. bookmarks, passwords or settings you may wish to backup the profile before going any further.

Put the backup files somewhere safe outside any Firefox program or profile path. A Linux desktop location should be ok.

Install instructions

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The names Nightly and Aurora are names of two of the four main development channels.

Release, Beta, Aurora and Nightly.

Both Nightly (30.0a2) and Nightly 31.0a1) get checkins almost everyday so therefore they get a update each of those days. The Beta channel gets about six to twelve builds for each version.

In order for a update to install the program folder needs read/write permission.

John linked you to the more unstable Nightly as the 64-bit Linux Aurora are listed in http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/aurora/all/ and will give you the current build at time.

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I didn't know about requiring r/w on the directory that I have Nightly in.. Once I did that, I started getting updates, BUT.. When I get the restart firefox to complete upgrade, the upgrades fail with a message indicating that the upgrade failed and to be sure there is no other copies of FF running.. First time this happened, I did a ps and found two [firefox] defunct zombie processes.. After a system reboot, the same thing happens again, apparently when FF tries to restart (even after the reboot) the first two tries result in zombiefication... This is becoming more and more a pain in the seating organ.. I only went to this version of FF since I recently got a new Android phone and put the FF Android beta on it, and since, apparenly FF 28 (the version I was on prior) does not do the new sync protocol, I bit the bullet and installed Nightly...

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Firefox 29 with the new sync will be on Release from Tuesday. The Nightly is not really intended for day to day browsing it is a test version. Beta is more stable and is already Firefox 29 now so has the new sync.

Have you multiple versions of Firefox installed and have set them to run on startup ? All you should need to do is kill the Firefox processes and restart the single version you wish to upgrade, without restarting the OS, no need for a system reboot.

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You can try to download the Update via the official Webpage, then you can install it easy over your current version.

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