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Easy way to make New Tab show Top 9 Most visited Webpages. I keep loosing it when I download new addons.

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The New Tab Used to open and show my 9+ most recently used Webpages. That function keeps dropping off and I'm no genius on Mozilla. I do not have the Pin Option on my webpages nor do I have the Hide New Tab page Icon (ya know that 9 dot box in the upper right corner? Not There !!). I have tried and failed to use the suggestion noted on:


The thing is I miss having that New Tab showing my favorite sites. Is there a simple Cut Past Option to make that appear once more and is there a way to make it Permanent so whenever I open a New Tab that has my 9+ most recent sites.

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Is the browser.newtab.url pref still set to about:newtab on the about:config page when this happens?

You can consider to create a user.js file to initialize this pref on every start of Firefox if you notice that some extension or other program changes this pref.

user_pref("browser.newtab.url", "about:newtab");

Note that you need to edit this line in the user.js file if you want to set another page as the new tab page, otherwise the change only lasts for the current session.

You can also look at this extension: