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Different bookmark lists

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When I click the bookmarks button (*v) by the address bar I find several hundred bookmarks in random order with no may to search or sort. I have to scroll through them all with the mouse on the up or down caret at the top or bottom of the list...very awkward.

When I use the Firefox tab ... Bookmarks ... Unsorted Bookmarks, then there are only 75 bookmarks. Very nice. I can sort and search but the bookmarks aren't all there.

I seem to have 2 different sets of bookmarks. What's going on?

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Those really should match, they both should show the identical Bookmarks Menu. (I'm basing this on Firefox 26 and earlier...)

Does either of those menus match what you see in the Library dialog? Either:

  • Ctrl+Shift+b
  • Bookmarks > Show All Bookmarks

Did this just start recently? Do you use the Sync service and, if so, is the problem occurring on any other devices attached to the service? (Some users have reporting bookmarks duplicating with Sync recently.)

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I misread your message. You're clicking the word Bookmarks on the two-column menu and not using the right-pointing triangle next to the word Bookmarks, so you are already opening the Library dialog.

In the Library dialog, check the section entitled Bookmarks Menu to see whether that matches your toolbar button menu.

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Only the Bookmarks sidebar and the Library show the unsorted bookmarks.
The Bookmarks menu and the Bookmarks Menu button won't show the unsorted bookmarks (there is an entry at the bottom of the list), so you will only see the bookmarks in the bookmarks menu and the bookmarks toolbar.