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Firefox Sync not keeping devices bookmarks, ect the same.

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So I have Firefox on a main O/S Windows 8.1 & a second boot Ubuntu 12.04. I've set up my sync account on Windows 8.1 & when I set it up on Ubuntu with the recovery key it will import the bookmarks, add ons, preferences ect. The problem is if I add bookmarks in Windows Firefox & then boot Ubuntu Firefox it won't change it on Ubuntu, if I add a new bookmark on Ubuntu Firefox it won't change it on Windows. They both keep their own instance of my sync but won't share it & share the changes.

Am I supposed to select a setting at the Sync Options to tell it to keep both the browsers the same & to also let each other add bookmarks? If you know what I mean ;)

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Hi cyborgcygnus,

In Sync Options, what is the selected option?

"you can choose how your data is synchronized when you create your Sync account and whenever you add a device. When you set up Firefox Sync, click the Sync Options button at the bottom-left corner of the setup window to select one of these options:
  • Merge this computer's data with my Sync data (default; recommended)
  • Replace all data on this computer with my Sync data
  • Replace all other devices with this computer's data

Reference How do I set up Sync on my computer? [https://support.mozilla.org/kb/firefox-sync-take-your-bookmarks-and...]

Also when I synced by mobile and second VM to the sync profile, there where two folders: Desktop Bookmarks and Mobile Bookmarks. Is there a folder where the bookmarks from one device are there and the other are not?

Since the changes are not being shared, it is possible to try to pair the new device or the Ubuntu instance again and to start from the new device first. Did you already try this? Where can I find the code to add a device to Firefox Sync?

If it continues to give trouble: http://askubuntu.com/questions/172310/how-to-sync-firefox-across-multiple-...

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