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Untrusted connection - but certificate is valid - can not proceed

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I'm connecting to a webmail server. This server provides a certificate through IIS, that is trusted by a self-signed certificate. Firefox connects to site and gives me untrusted-connection page. This is common when server's certificate is based on a self-signed CA certificate. But now I can not accept security policy exception. Certificate-window just says that certificate is valid. Well yes, certificate is valid if you ask me, but why it then shows untrusted connection -page? I can't access this site, because it shows untrusted connection and I can't press "confirm security exception", because that button is not available (grayed, because mozilla says certificate is valid).

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Please check your Date and Time Setting and see if they are valid or not. If Date and Time are correct then

Maybe you pass through a proxy server? Check your setting Proxy Settings Proxy Settings and select No Proxy.

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No proxy in use and date and time are ok. I have checked all simple reasons, that I know of.

BTW Konqueror did respond with more details: "The server failed the authenticity check (server.name.tld). The certificate authority's certificate is invalid The root certificate authority's certificate is not trusted for this purpose The certificate cannot be verified for internal reasons".

So if this is correct, possibly Firefox is dealing with same thing, but didn't tell the reason. CA certificate for this is going to be renewed before next year, so maybe that will give us answer to this. How to add purposes to openssl.conf for CA certs?