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Why do we get the crash & Warning Unresponsive script all the time?

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Problem when upgrading my Firefox browser has become a crashing all the time and before I upgrade my browser were not there is any problem, such as crash and other! However I think it is because of a program called Clean Space 2013.05, is probably the cause of the problem of crash my browser so I have noticed this problem occurs frequently after using this Clean Space 2013.05 program! And there is also another problem when browsing using Firefox have noticed that we get the crash & Warning Unresponsive script all the time? Causing freeze & hang of Firefox browser & system

try this software http://clean-space.com/privacy/info/english/index.html

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that’s work now, and have this link http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect/graphics

Product Detected Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family Current Driver Installed Your driver is current.

But I do not know where do I download the updated driver, so I need a direct link

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the problem is the flash player, not firefox. To fix the problem:

1. to go to a website that have a flash video, such as youtube 2. right click on the video then select "global settings", this will open up the flash player setting manager 3. click on the advance tab 4. under "browsing data and settings", click "Delete All".

that is it , u will notice firefox wil run smoothly once again. if after some time firefox slow responding again, just do the same thing to fix it. goodluck!!!

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