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plugin container crash

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Not only does Flash crash (every version since v9), but Microsoft Silverlight hangs the plugin container as well. Something's clearly not right with the design of this.

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Wow, another feature! I have done that, will watch for results. Thank you.

--Dan in St. Louis

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Just wanted to let people know.

I updated my graphics driver. I set most of my plugins to ask to activate I disabled most of my extensions.

FF still crashes but only about once a day (of course I'm using it a whole lot less)

I'll make it my default browser and start using it like I was and see how things go.

I'll keep everyone posted

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Hi Jim.OBrien, with all the different people posting in this thread, I'm not sure anyone looked at your crash data before. If you have more crashes after the changes you've made, please feel free to post the new IDs for review.

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