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How do I get Firefox to re-check a websites ssl certificate? It's giving me a message saying my site's ssl certificate is expired when it isn't.

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The ssl certificate on my side did expire but it was renewed a few days later. It's been over a month since it was renewed but I still have Firefox users reporting the error message.

This Connection is Untrusted Techinical Details: eng.fanpageengine.com uses an invalid security certificate. The cerificate expired on 1/31/2013 3:59pm.

This is a link to a 3rd party site that verifies the ssl certificate is current. http://www.networking4all.com/en/support/tools/site+check/report/?fqdn=https%3A%2F%2Feng.fanpageengine.com&protocol=https

I just need the steps they'll need to make Firefix update its record.

Additional information. This doesn't effect everyone visiting my website using Firefox. It seems to only effect people who visited the site while the ssl certificate was expired. However clearing the cache and cookies has no effect.

Thanks for the help.

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If I try that first link, I get a Facebook page wanting me to log in. Something seems screwball there.

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Did those people create an exception in Firefox?

In that case they may need to remove it.

  • Tools > Options > Advanced : Encryption: Certificates - View Certificates

Did they check the date and time on their computer?

The blog site works.

Not Before: 02/01/2013 00:00:00 GMT
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OCSP isn't done by default unless Firefox is told to, and if it can't reach the OCSP server it allows it, To change this: Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Encryption -> Validation -> Specify an OSCP server to verify all certs and check the option to treat cert as invalid when OCSP connection fails.

Check this settings may there is problem that's why your firefox browser give this error.

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Thanks for the help everyone. I've found a solution. =)


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This is a query that we come across every day. The client has an old certificate, renewed and installed the new certificate, but the old certificate is still showing. This usually means that the old certificate is still used somewhere within the network, such as a load balancing device or a frontend firewall. Online certificate checkers maybe checking on server/network, while the issue is actually somewhere else. On servers such as Apache or Tomcat, the certificate may be cached because the server software has not been stopped and started.

The solution which we will provide to the client will depend on the server software that they have. This is one solution using Apache server types: [https://knowledge.verisign.com/suppor.../index?page=content&id=SO7355]

Jimmy Edge - Symantec SSL employee Symantec SSL employee