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The Google toolbar can't use on the firefox 5.0

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Dear awesome firefox team/ Thank you for being attention on my problems. My question is: after I update the firefox 5.0, my google toolbar couldn’t use, and that shows: Google toolbar for firefox is incompatible with firefocx 5.0. Does any way I could solve this problem. Thank you for help. From Taiwan firefox member -liijyyyih

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the people who answer questions here are volunteers, but that doesn't really matter as Firefox has always been supported by volunteers. Google finally announced that the Google Toolbar would no longer be supported in Firefox 5 and above Prior to that announcement statements had been very ambiguous but included how to use the features of the Google Toolbar without the toolbar. Google Chrome itself does not have the Google Toolbar and now Firefox doesn't have it either though you can kind of force it to work a while longer with the Addons Compatibility Reporter.

The Google Toolbar is no longer supported by Google in Firefox 5 and up, you may be able to get what you want from it for a limited time, the directions to install the Google Toolbar were posted before Google actually announced dropping support.

In any case you can find several alternative solutions, and you can start working on them now, see

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