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Why won't Firefox 4 run FireFTP? I have 4 sites I manage and had to downgrade to Firefox 3.6 & install an earlier version of FireFTP.

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I'm running XP SP-2 and can't upgrade this OS. When I upgraded to Firefox 4.0 I couldn't find FireFTP anywhere on the page. Tried installing the latest version of FireFTP with no result. This really needs to be fixed.

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It works for me.

Is it enabled under

orange Firefox button or Tools menu > Add-ons > Extensions

or is it missing from there?

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fireFTP 1.0.10 has the fireFTP link in the Tools menu. Hope this helps you.

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fireFTP 1.0.10

You need to update. Can you install from here:


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You know what, everything is working correctly now using the versions of Firefox 3.6 and fireFTP 1.0.10 I'm now using. I just don't have time to go through another day of trying to correct download problems or incompatibilities with my OS so, I'm staying with what I have now. If something changes in the future, I'll try to download an upgrade but only if I have to.

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The developer of FireFTP made version 1.0.10 compatible only with Firefox versions 3.5-3.6; look on list here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fireftp/versions/

Newer versions on that list are compatible with other Firefox versions. Gotta keep the extensions up-to-date if you want them to be compatible with newer Firefox versions.

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I forgot that you switched back. You have the correct version for Firefox 3.6 now. When you upgrade, you will need version 1.99.4 (or later).