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turn off firefox update nag

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How can I turn off Firefox update nag? I am using Firefox 3.6.12 and I have turned off automatic updates but I still nagged to update Firefox. I was also asked to update Adobe on the same screen.

How can I turn off Firefox update nag? I am using Firefox 3.6.12 and I have turned off automatic updates but I still nagged to update Firefox. I was also asked to update Adobe on the same screen.

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See this article for some suggestions: Firefox says it's just updated every time it starts - how to fix

See also http://kb.mozillazine.org/Preferences_not_saved and How to fix preferences that won't save

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I think my preferences are being saved because when I go back into options it show automatic updates as being turned off. The real problem is the nag to update. Is there anyway to prevent these nags?

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         * 1
           Log on to an administrator account or the account used to install Firefox.
         * 2
           Open a Firefox browser window.
         * 3
           Locate the browser's menu. Select "Tools" and "Options" and wait for the pop-up window to appear. Choose "Advanced" and "Update."
         * 4
           Find the portion of the "Update" section that reads "Automatically Check for Updates to..." and uncheck "Firefox." You also have the choice of deselecting "Installed Add-ons" and "Search Engines." If you decide to uncheck the other two, Add-ons and Search Engines will not be checked for updates, either.
         * 5
           Verify that the "When Updates to Firefox are Found..." section grays. A gray section means that the section is no longer relevant and that updates will no longer be checked.
         * 6
           Click "OK" and enjoy an update-free Firefox web-browsing experience.
         * 7
           Select "Help" and "Check for Updates" in Firefox's menu or visit Firefox's official website regularly to check for new updates. Firefox should always be updated to the newest build so that security features are installed and you and your personal information remain protected while on the Internet.
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I have firefox 3.6.28 and I'm still using leopard. I will update both FF and OS in june 2012 when I recieve my new macbook and install lion on this old macbook. In the meantime, I get a blue screen telling me to update, and I think tell apple to hurry up and launch there new macbooks. I can't update with leopard. I will update to lion - in June.

There are thousands like me, wake up firefox!!!

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"firefox login manager"

says in red type "Not available for Firefox 3.6.28"

great, how do I even login, where is the login to my account?

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I have been getting seriously fed up with the constant nagging and popups telling me to update to the latest version of Firefox. I have been using 3.6.28 for ages and I am happy with the way it looks and works and the set of addons I use with it. The nagging since v12 have come to a feverish pitch and one day in desperation I did the upgrade. Then had to spend half a day sorting out the mess. I eventually got it to look and function similar to my old version but found not only that some of my addons would not work, there was some sort of compatibility issue with the version of Flashplayer I need to make my proxy server setup function correctly. Then spent another half day getting rid of every last trace of FF12 to go back to my v3.6. Even after unticking the "check for updates" boxes as recommended in other posts, I still occasionally get a nag box. Then this morning I find that the stupid thing has updated itself to FF12 without my knowing anything about it. What is going on at Mozilla? This is beginning to take on a sinister feel, much like big brother or the nanny state taking away our freedom of choice. I am well aware of the risks of not using the latest versions of everything. I am simply trying to exercise my right of choice. The senior members on this forum may well quote chapter and verse about how its all in our best interests but until Mozilla decide to supply me with a free computer I will continue to swim against the flow, getting stronger as a result.

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Firefox 3.6 is being auto-upgraded (as was firefox 3.5, 3.0, 2.0, etc.) as it is no longer supported, and has many known security holes. Staying with an older version is not safe, and leaves you, your computer, and your information open for attack and the theft of private information (and having a Firewall and anti-virus, while helpful won't prevent these sorts of attacks).

If you want to upgrade Off of firefox 3.6, but still retain the look and feel, I recommend that you read https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/926330. It's several users tales of how they tweaked Firefox to look almost exactly like firefox 3.6 (or earlier).

If you have specific versions of add-ons that you need, since firefox 10, add-ons are defaulted to compatible (in most cases) so they won't break between updates anymore. Also, there is a list of some of the most used add-ons that aren't compatible with firefox anymore, and some common replacements. http://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2012/05/24/addons-firefox-3-6/.

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