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I cannot access facebook with any browser. Please help!

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I have done system restore, I have tried looking at java settings and cookie setting but am willing to try again. I have uninstalled and reinstalled both google chrome, firefox and even tried facebook on internet explorer and I cannot access facebook. As far as I am aware I have not installed anything major and the day before last I was accessing facebook totally fine. I cannot even laod the home page to log in. It simply refuses to load no matter how long I leave it. Can anybody help at all???

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Hi guys, i just tried to share. i'm also facing this problem, this causes by some virus/spyware/malware.

i got this from other forum; try this method.

Start>Run.. type this -->cmd [Enter] then type ipconfig /flushdns [Enter] try to access your facebook by IE/Firefox Remarks : not success for my problem

2nd method Start>Run.. type this-->cmd[Enter] then type netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log [Enter]

then if your network use IpV6 netsh int ipv6 reset reset.log [Enter]

then netsh winsock reset catalog[Enter]

after that, restart your PC

It work to my IE but not to my Firefox or Chrome i'm still working to it because i don't like use IE or chrome. but at least i can access Facebook via IE

besides, try to check your proxy setting, for IE/Chrome Control Panel>Network & Internet>Internet Option>Connection>Lan Setting>disable Proxy server for my case, the spyware open port using my localhost setting.

hope this could help.

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Guys, try follow this solution from microsoft,reset the host, my problem solve


i can access facebook from any browser now.

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After cleaning and checking everything that could cause the problem (I almost did a complete reinstallation), I forgot to check the hosts file. Your solution with the Microsoft hosts fix worked. It turned out that a virus or spyware has changed the hosts file. Thanks a lot! :)