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slow video streaming from internet

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When playing a video stream from a website, I get choppy playback. The playback works in 10 second groupings, then stops to retrieve more data, plays a little more, then repeats process. A 3 minute video can take 6 minutes of frustrating playback. I'm trying to start with Firefox, Windows 2000 machine (yes, it's a dinosaur) to see how to speed it up.

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This can be a problem with the file sessionstore.js in the Profile Folder

Firefox stores session data every 10 seconds to make it possible to restore a crashed session.

If you have (security) software that interferes with that or have many tabs open then that cause cause a delay. Some have reported that increasing the session store saving interval worked for them.


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None of the above works if is because I have more open windows, im finish with firefox, now I have to watch videos on google chrome because after the update on firefox the video acts like is 1997 when the internet was still new. I have many tabs open and a security software and still google chrome works fast with video, I don't have time to looking for fixs. If you want to have many tabs open and want the video works fast google chrome is the choice, works for me.

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Amen to that Grretings. I am switching too. Have uninstalled and reinstalled too many times already and can't even get 3.16 to work right now since trying 4. Tool bars don't work and can't customize the tool bars you do get, loose them whenever you shut Firefox down.

'Firefox 4 sucks big time!