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How can ensure that Firefox does NOT block the essential tracking codes used by the cash-back sites I subscribe to?

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How can ensure that Firefox does NOT block the essential tracking codes used by cash-back sites? I gather that certain advert-blocking software also block the tracking codes that cash-back sites use to track subscribers' purchases. This would prevent the cash-back site from registering the subscriber's purchases, with the result that the purchaser (in my case myself) would lose out on the rebates that they have earned. I do not know whether Firefox blocks these by default, but could someone please let me know whether it does. And if Firefox does block these by default, how do I ensure that it does not? One cash-back site I subscribe to (specifically GreasyPalm) tells me I have earned only so much cash back so far, when my cash-back earned so far should be much more: they seem not to have tracked any of my ebay purchases, nor many purchases from other bone fide retailers whose sites I have accessed via the GreasyPalm links (also bone fide, I must emphasise). Any reassurance or advice most gratefully appreciated.

This happened

Not sure how often

== If it is an issue with Firefox, then it started as soon as I started using cash-back sites

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you should use something called Ghostery - it is FANTASTIC!

but since this is a year old, you probably are using it, or possibly even a ghost yourself!