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Firefox refresh lost all my passwords

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I was using Firefox this morning, and the program crashed. When I restarted, I found I had lost all my passwords. I searched for the "Old Firefox Data" folder on my desktop--and everywhere else, and there is no such folder on my computer. I tried importing passwords from Safari and that didn't work at all. I am traveling right now and don't have access to my backup disk.

This is the second time this has happened with FF, and I am about to dump the program because of this.

Any ideas?

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Hello skier, Sometimes the old profile which contains your accumulated data is pushed into the closet, per se, and you are provided with a virgin profile.

So what you might try to see if the above had occurred is to open up the profile manager, look for profiles listed and launch them.

If any of them proves to be what you had prior to the update, then make that profile the "default"

To open profile manager, copy/paste the below in the address field and press go:


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If you use the Time Machine or other backup then try to restore file(s) from this backup.

For the logins you need key4.db and logins.json or possibly logins-backup.json Firefox may have created a logins.json.corrupt file for some reason.

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