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Firefox support site (this site) does not autosave or protect writing

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I had a different issue I came here for, but I discovered a very serious bug while I was writing my question, so I want to make sure this gets addressed first.

After writing my question, I clicked the "share data" button below. I got a message "We can't automatically get your browser's troubleshooting data, please try these manual steps. " Without thinking, I clicked the link to the "manual steps." Unfortunately, instead of opening a new tab, which would be the expected behavior, clicking the link took me off the get help form page (the page I'm on as I write this). What's worse, when I used the back button to return to the previous page, everything I'd written was gone. Obviously, the expected behavior would be to not take the user off the page in the first place, but if for some reason it did, to autosave the writing so it can be restored when the user returns.

This kind of bug used to be a lot more common in the early days, when I first started using the web, 25 years ago. I used to have a boilerplate describing the problem because I was sending reports of the bug so frequently. I've only encountered it twice, to my recollection, in the last 5 years. Firefox's website would have been one of the last places I'd ever expect to find a bug this glaring and elementary.


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Sorry to hear about this problem. It certainly would make more sense for that link to open in a new tab instead of replacing the current page. I assume that would be an easy change to make, but... sometimes things are more convoluted than they seem.

More generally, this site does not hook into the beforeclose event, which is the one where leaving a page with an unfinished submission displays the prompt asking you to confirm leaving the page. I would like to have that added to avoid losing half-finished responses, but perhaps others find it annoying and that's why we don't.

But this thread is a bit off topic here on the Questions forums.

The board where contributors discuss forum issues is:


The place to submit issues related to this site's platform is over on Github, if you're interested:


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