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Firefox "Save as" file list: Why are folders no longer at top?

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I recently changed from Ubuntu Gnome to KDE Plasma. Now, when I'm running Firefox (v83) and click "Save as" to save a file from a web page, Firefox gives me a file list with directories mixed in alphabetically, rather than at the top. This is new behavior to me; I don't know if it's new with v83 (I was previously running v82), or if it's a KDE implementation issue.

Either way, I HATE having to scroll down through page after page of files and folders to find my destination folder. Since the dialog box also incorporates full-row select, I can't even click in the file list and type the first letter of my destination folder.

Please tell me there is a way to change this behavior and have Firefox's "Save as" dialog sort the files with directories at the top!


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As far as I know this is done using native widgets, so this is not a Firefox issue per se, but a difference between GNOME's and KDE's file dialog. So the real question is, how to customize KDE' file chooser dialog.