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Certain Websites won't load in Firefox

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  • Trả lời mới nhất được viết bởi FredMcD

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This is a recurring problem I've had pop up twice after updates, the most recent one persisting since about a month ago. Firefox will not load, or even attempt to load, certain websites. Pressing enter after entering the URL does quite literally nothing, as if I typed nothing at all.

Some affected websites include: mail.google.com reddit.com mercari.com pixiv.com

When this problem previously occurred in Oct 2019, I switched dom.storage.next_gen to false, which fixed it, but toggling this option no longer solves the problem.

1) Disabling add-ons does not change anything, the sites do not load in Safe Mode 2) Clearing cookies and cache does not change anything 3) The sites will load in Private mode

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Hello @FredMcD, thanks for the response. I took a look at the Enhanced Tracking Protection settings and tried allowing all cookies, all trackers, and then enabling everything altogether, and it didn't change anything. Can't access the site-specific Enhanced Tracking Protection settings since it won't even get me to the point where there's a shield icon when entering any of those URLs.

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