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Firefox snap package: how to open downloaded files?

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Firefox came preinstalled as snap package on ubuntu 18.04, but has been giving trouble since

I'm running through problems when downloading files:

The only way I can view a downloadable file is by saving it somewhere in my home directory and then open it which is a pain!

The open with dialog box only give url script handler and firefox browser as options neither of each work

On ubuntu support it was suggested to remove snap package and install deb package, but what's the point of a snap package then?

It look s like firefox doesn't handle anything beyond home directory, while as said above chrome does instead

Any clues

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To see if the Firefox working in other packaging without installation, Go to
Find your version and preferred language and download the .bz2 file to your home folder.
Unarchive the firefox folder.
In the folder, find "firefox" or "firefox-bin" program file and click on it. Try viewing the file.
Firefox will run anywhere without installation.

For the English US, version 75,

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Hi there, done as said above I can now open firefox from the executive file downloaded on home directory and indeed it has access to document viewer and other features for downloading as I wished> only trouble I can't get a short cut on my favourites; if I start firefox from the applications it opens the older version! Basically when I close the browser I don't know how to get it started again!

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I also have this problem except as of a few days ago, It seems that I no longer have access to ANY downloads. and I do not have a downloads folder icon (version 77.0.1). I have tried it with the standalone version and the downloads work perfectly fine, but I would like to not have to fiddle around with getting installation paths to work if the snap image can just behave itself on ubuntu 18.04