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Cant migrate my profile from windows 10 to Ubuntu 18.04

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I mounted my windows disk and acces profile folder this is my windows 10 Profiles.ini content.

[Install308046B0AF4A39CB] Default=Profiles/4mltjd12.default

[Profile1] Name=Neutronized IsRelative=1 Path=Profiles/2lebgv8x.Prof1


[General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Version=2

When I go to my windows 10 and i open firefox i go to "about:support" and the profile im using is 4mltjd12.default So what i try is to move this profile to my ubuntu 18.04 firefox profile and load it

Windows 10 partition mounted in /mnt

from /mnt/Users/localhost/AppData/Roaming/Mozilla/Firefox$

sudo cp -r Profiles/4mltjd12.default /home/localhost/.mozilla/firefox/

and edited profiles.ini of ubuntu firefox to

[Install4F96D1932A9F858E] Default=4mltjd12.default

  1. This is previous Default profile Default=4b9sltm5.default-release


[Profile1] Name=4mltjd12.default IsRelative=1 Path=4mltjd12.default Default=1

[Profile0] Name=default-release IsRelative=1 Path=4b9sltm5.default-release

[General] StartWithLastProfile=1 Version=2

But when trying to open firefox i get message: "Firefox already opened please close all firefox processes or restart" Am i doing something bad?

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Hi Localhost, please ignore the spam message promoting an unofficial phone number.

Can you confirm there are no other Firefox processes running that could be accessing that profile folder?

Do you have a parent.lock file in any of the profile folders?

If you start up Firefox in the external Profile Manager dialog, can you successfully start in any of the profiles? More info: Profile Manager - Create, remove or switch Firefox profiles -- see the "when Firefox is closed" section.