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Why upon installing a security upgrade just now all my bookmarks & history have disappeared

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Hi - Thank you in advance for your help. My old laptop runs on Windows XP Professional. I just carried out a security upgrade & all my history & bookmarks have disappeared. About 4 days ago when I thought I had lost all my bookmarks, I found that the way I could access them had changed, but even this new way does not show any of the bookmarks or history. I noticed the problem of the missing bookmarks & history just now when I went to save a bookmark & noticed all the folders I had set up had disappeared! I do backups every day of 'My Documents', 'Desktop', 'My Favourites' & 'Documents & Settings/Ali'. Could you please help as I have a great deal of information saved under the bookmarks which would be extremely painful to lose. Thanks again

UPDATE: I managed to restore the bookmarks by going to 'Library', 'Import & Backup' & then restore, where to my surprise there were backs for the last 15 days. As there were a large number of bookmarks, once I asked to restore for today, I kept getting 'unresponsive script' messages & found out that if I just asked it to continue, teh bookmarks eventually reappeared in full. I hope this helps other users as well.

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thank you for your information. :)

Best regards, David-Walczysko Volunteer supporter