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Local large html file (3MB) very slow to load and select in firefox, much faster in IE11

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Hello, I like to be able to read fanfiction from web sites offline, so I either use a program to download the html or copy all chapters into a text file and then convert to html using jart word processor. Large html files, or really anything over 600KB is very slow to load or select. I don't know if it's because it's a large block of text or what, but in IE11 it's much faster. EG: 2.94MB, (500100 words) takes approximately 30 seconds to load in IE and maybe 2 minutes to load in firefox on a slow netbook (1GB RAM, 1.66GHZ Processor) 1:30 on my faster laptop (4GB RAM, 1.66GHZ Processor. it takes about that amount of time to select all, too, as I discovered when I wanted to select a whole file to edit it in notepad before reconverting it back to html. Any ideas why? I tried loading just the plain text file, which took maybe 10 seconds to load in firefox, and 5 in IE, Kinda strange considering that the plain text file was over 2MB without any of the html added. You may be wondering why I don't just load the text file if I'm so bothered, but I like the way my screen reader reads html and the little tweaks you can make with it like adding the title. the only things the html file has in it are the title plus title tags, line and paragraph breaks and a couple of fonts. there are no style sheets or css, images or anything large. I've been a faithful firefox user since 2012, when my friend told me that Internet explorer was rubbish, full of security threats and non custumisable. I really hope someone can come up with a solution, I don't want to have to use IE whenever I don't have Internet and want to read because I'm sick of waiting for it to load. Thank you. Regards: Melissa Cox.

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What happens if you open your HTML file in a Private Browsing tab? (no cache or cookies are used in this mode)

Another question: you said you use an external program to download HTML files. Does it provide specific feature to merge several HTML pages in one? Otherwise, if you just save a single page, you can use the Save as… function of Firefox, with Ctrl + S shortcut or by right-clicking.

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I haven't tried a private browsing tab, i'll do that in a minute. What I ment by a seperet program to make html was, I'm reading fanfiction from www.harrypotterfanfiction.com so I have to load each chapter and then copy the chapter contents, paste it into jart word processor, edit out all the crap and misilanious links, and then do the same thing for the next chapters. I then convert it into html using the export as html feature. the original file is rich text format, because that's the default format for the program. in the case of other fanfic websites I use http://fanficfare.appspot.com which downloads all the chapters into one massive html file, like the one I produced by hand (it's easyer, LOL) If the story is all on one page, I do just hit save as. I used to do that for all fics and non published ebooks I downloaded, but I found it really tedious, so I tried to find another way. Thanks, by the way. PS: the extendtions, pluggins and addons I have are: flashplayer for firefox torrent tornado noscript adblockplus navigational sounds I was going to upload one of the large html files so you could test it, but I'm not sure how?

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I just loaded a 1.32MB (250000 words) html file in private browsing moad, it still took 73 seconds to load and made my computer unresponsive for about 15 seconds. I loaded the same file in IE, it took 20 seconds, didn't make my computer slow or unresponsive and my screen reader is able to read it without any delays. actually, it took less time for IE to load the massive html file than it did to load the Internet Explorer application itself... strange... PS: I just looked in taskmanager (because I was interested) and the firefox process is 391000KB, and IE is 130000KB with the large html file open, In firefox I only have one tab open, that's the tab i'm using to reply to this thread. any ideas as to why it's taking up so much memory? I know

that people say adblockplus takes up alot of memory and CPU...

Thanks. Melissa.

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anyone come up with a solution yet? thanks: Melissa.

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I well got your messages, thank you for all these details. Unfortunately I don't have brilliant idea for you. I thought someone else with better skills would help you.

You could try to open your files in Safe Mode, but I can't guarantee it will change anything…

To start Firefox in Safe Mode:

  1. Click on the menu button in the top right-hand corner
  2. Click on ? below and select Troubleshooting Information
  3. Click on Restart with Add-ons Disabled