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How can a force Firefox to open in my primary monitor?

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I am running Firefox 29.0.1 on Mac OS 10.6.8 on a mid-2010 desktop Mac Pro. I have two monitors, one of which is primary and always on. I occasionally move my Firefox browser window into the second monitor for reference purposes. That causes the display to always open in the second monitor even if the monitor is off. I must disconnect the second monitor from the computer in order to force Firefox to open in my primary monitor. Is there a more convenient way to force Firefox to open in my primary monitor?

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Hi. You have tried Monitor Master?

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Thank you fabrixx.

Monitor Master is an interesting solution to a problem that should not be, but it may be overkill for an annoying bug. If the browser defaults to a secondary monitor because the user moves the browser window, why shouldn't it default back to the primary monitor when the browser window is moved back to the primary monitor?

I suppose that I prefer that this bug is acknowledged and eventually fixed by Mozilla...

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My advice would be to , before closing Firefox for the day, move it back to your main monitor. It will open in whatever monitor it closed in. This should solve your problem.

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Thanks for trying fuban61. That is the way it ought to work but it does not.

I've tried everything I can think of including actions that are just plain silly. For example, I tried moving my secondary monitor to the right side of the main monitor and, oddly, Firefox does occasionally default back to the main monitor if I close it while all the windows and tabs are in the main monitor. That never happens when the secondary monitor is on the left side of the main monitor.

It's a mystery.

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I am using MAC OS X Ver. 10.6.8 on an older MAC Book Pro and by moving the Firefox window from the Aux monitor to the main monitor and then "Quitting" the Firefox application it reopens the next time in the main monitor. If I "Quite it in the aux. monitor it will reopen where I last left it. Must be some kind of a weird problem with your computer. Sorry.

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I see that 9 other people have had this same problem. Am I the only one of us who hasn't found a solution?