Google Toolbar is no longer compatible with Firefox - Here are some alternatives

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As you you may have read in this blog post or in this Google Toolbar help article, the Google Toolbar is no longer compatible with Firefox. This article suggests some alternatives.

How can I access my Google Bookmarks?

To access your current Google Bookmarks, just go to Once there, you can export your Google Bookmarks and import them into Firefox if you wish:

  1. Click the Export bookmarks link on the left side of the page and save them to your desktop.
  2. Then follow the instructions in Import Bookmarks from an HTML file to get them into Firefox.
Tip: You can access your Firefox bookmarks from any computer using Firefox Sync. See How do I set up Sync on my computer? to learn how to set it up.

How can I add other Google Toolbar features to Firefox?

Actually, many Google Toolbar features are already built into Firefox. Here's a list of them with suggestions for add-ons to replace others:

Note: See Find and install add-ons to add features to Firefox for help with installing add-ons.

Other solutions and alternatives

  • Make your home page. It has links to all the Google services at the top.
  • Some Firefox users report that Googlebar Lite is a suitable replacement for the Google Toolbar.
  • The Google Shortcuts add-on will let you add buttons to Firefox to quickly access Google services.
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