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my yahoo on ff mobile?

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  • Последний ответ от Roland Tanglao

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FF for Android works like a treat, except for one website: my.yahoo.com, where it fails spectacularly (not a single link works, not a single tab loads and the only way to get it to work is to select "request desktop site" and get the visually challenging desktop version on your relatively small screen). Does anyone know why this is so?

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Hello ndmushroom,

Thank you for contacting Mozilla Support. I tried to replicate the issue you're seeing on my Android device, but was unsuccessful. My.yahoo.com seems to work correctly. I have a couple questions for you:

I hope this helps and please let us know if you need further assistance.

Cheers, Patrick

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Thanks for the reply. 1. I've cleared my cache and cookies, to no avail.

2. I've disabled my addons (Adblock edge and ghostery), to no avail.

3. I'm using Samsung galaxy S3 (i-9300, running Android 4.1.2), and I've had the same problem with another two Samsung devices, namely the 7" Samsung Galaxy tab 2 (P3110, running 4.0.3 and then a Jellybean version, can't remember if it was 4.1.2 or 4.2) and the Samsung galaxy 3 (i5800, running 2.2). The problem is consistent (in that I mean that it's not something that comes and goes, My yahoo is always displayed this way). I'll get my hands on an LG smartphone tomorrow to see if FF renders the page correctly on an non-Samsung phone, but I'm not very optimistic.

Just to be clear, when you say you were not able to replicate the issue, do you mean that the way FF displayed My Yahoo was identical to the way Chrome or Opera (or any other browser) displayed it?

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I'll follow up with some colleagues who have Samsung devices to see if they see the same issues.

I tried on my HTC One X and the My Yahoo page displayed it's mobile site, links and tabs worked correctly. It also seems to work identically as the default android browser that's installed.

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hi ndmushroom

my.yahoo works on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android Jellybean 4.3 and Firefox 26:


It doesn't work as well as it should. It appears that Yahoo's servers are erroneously giving Firefox for Android a watered down (e.g. "my front page" "The best of My yahoo" is missing for no real reason) version of their mobile site for no reason, probably due to:

  • yahoo not following web standards
  • yahoo hard coding in Chrome, Android stock and Safari specific non standard extensions

It would help greatly, if you could post a screenshot of what you mean by "broken" that would be great. The site is functional on my Note 3 so I am not sure which links are broken, etc

Anyhow if you are technically minded we have a whole bunch of web compatibility stuff here that should cast light on the situation. If you are technical it would be great to file a web compatibility bug for this:


Cheers and happy new year!


Изменено Roland Tanglao

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The screenshot Roland posted refers to yahoo.com (ca.yahoo.com, in fact). I'm referring to my.yahoo.com, a personalised page featuring anything from weather reports, customized portfolios, email previews to Rss feeds. I hope Patrick was referring to my.yahoo and not yahoo. I'm uploading two screenshots of the same page, one on ff, the other on chrome (it's the same on any browser), hope it helps.

Изменено ndmushroom

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Hi ndmushroom

My apologies. Yup you are right; I posted a screenshot of yahoo.com NOT my.yahoo.com.

Here's how my.yahoo.com looks to me: http://www.flickr.com/photos/roland/11841033743/


is indeed broken:

the "+", "gear" and the two menus don't appear to be functioning properly are two of the most obvious issues

Again, if you are technically minded we have a whole bunch of web compatibility stuff here that should cast light on the situation:


1. If you are technical, please a web compatibility bug (which Mozilla folks will tell their Yahoo contacts about and hopefully Yahoo will fix my.yahoocom) for this:


2. if you are not technical, please let me know and I'll file a bug for you



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FYI, I tested with the LG phone (LG G2, running Android 4.2.2) and I get exactly the same results, so it's not a Samsung issue. One could argue that maybe there's a problem with the tabs I use for my own my yahoo, but FF doesn't load even the most common of tabs (weather? email? portfolio?), so I don't think it's that. I haven't tried reporting an issue, but I'll try over the weekend and if I'm unsuccessful I might ask you (Roland) for assistance. Either way, thanks to both of you for trying to help!

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hi ndmushroom

it's definitely not a samsung specific issue agreed!

please let me know how it turns out!

have a good weekend!