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Firefox hangs upon pressing a Browse... button in a file upload form

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Firefox consistently hangs when you press the Browse... button on a form to upload a file.

This affects one single user account. The problem occurs even in new firefox profiles. Other users on this computer are not affected.

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The hang occurs also in firefox safe mode.

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For us this was fixed by backing up then deleting the user's windows account profile. The problem disappeared in a new windows account profile so this was likely a bad or corrupted registry setting, but also possibly something in the %userprofile% files themselves.

It was actually possible to restore the firefox profile and use it without any errors.

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Maybe a problem with the MRU keys in the Windows registry.

You can try to delete the MRU (Most Recently Used) ComDlg32 registry keys with the regedit.exe program.

Navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\ComDlg32

Delete the subkeys (LastVisitedMRU and OpenSaveMRU).

Be careful with editing the registry as there is no Undo possible: all changes are applied immediately.

You can export key(s) before making changes.