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changed my HD and forgot email and password

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hello, I changed my Hard Disk, and I forgot my username email account and password that I used to use. How I can recover my saved accounts and passwords?

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I'm assuming you mean you don't remember your email and password to log into your Firefox Account to use the Firefox Sync feature?

If you have your Firefox Account recovery key, you can regain access to the account using that. See Reset your Firefox Account password with Recovery Keys.

If you don't have your recovery key, any data that you have on Firefox Sync is not recoverable. Resetting your Firefox Account password will erase the data currently stored on Firefox Sync, since it's encrypted using the password that you set the account up with.

Firefox Sync is NOT a data backup service. It was not designed to be one, so it should not be used as one.

If you still have your previous hard drive, you can try creating a local backup of your Firefox profile folder from that drive and transferring it to your new drive.

Hope this helps.


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