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Firefox hangs with unresponsive script error since new release of 41.0.2

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Since updating to the latest version 41.0.2 our users are experiencing a large amount of unresponsive script errors on most sites. The error causes Firefox to hang and often requires it to be restarted. We have tried uninstalling it completely and reinstalling it, tried creating a new Firefox profile as well as a new computer profile. We have the latest updates of Java, Flash, etc. Other browsers (IE, Chrome, etc.) are not having an issue with the same pages. We have also tried the suggestion on the Mozilla support page "Warning Unresponsive script - What it means and how to fix it" but the issue persist.

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I get this problem with Twitter. I have noticed that when I keep twitter on and then the updates go above 3k or 5k If I it auto updates or try to do refresh my TL it will hang. This is because FF is already burdened My FF normally takes up 2gb of Ram (which i see from the task manager). Also if i have more than 10 tabs running it slowly becomes slower and slower. There are some Script intensive websites that can slow down firefox. I still feel its a FF problem cause i have not faced the same problem on Chrome.