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Firefox hangs for 10-20 seconds at a time, becomes non-responsive and I have to wait for it to "un-hang". This is on Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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It seems random. I can't find a common element in the hangups. It simply stops responding. Everything else works fine, no other program suffers from these hangups. It does not crash, but it just stalls for a long time.

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Did this just begin when you "upgraded" to 6.0?

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Yes. I've tried uninstalling it and reinstalling but it made no effect.

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But when did the problem START? In an earlier version, or once you started using 6.0?

Sometimes even a rollback to an earlier version doesn't clean out all the various registry entries and all the various files from 6.0. You'd have to use a cleaner program to completely wipe out 6.0 to get back to the pre-6.0 state.

My curiosity is whether it was a result of 6.0.

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Yes, sorry I wasn't clear. That yes was in response to your upgrade question. I'll download the installer, run CCleaner and then install again. Maybe delete all my profiles while I'm at it.

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I have the exact same problem too after updating FF to 6. And I can't find a solution either :(

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Try what I described above. It worked for me. No more hiccups so far.

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This has been going on for about the last four or five versions.

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si, a mi tambien me pasa muy frecuentemente. Efectivamente fue despues de haber actualizado a la version 6 de Firefox, cuando empezo a "no responder" cuando habria un link en una nueva pestaña, al cambiar de pagina web (no pestaña), o simplemente al recargar la pagina. Por AL MENOS 15-30 segundos firefox aparece con la leyenda "NO RESPONDE", se pone en blanco la ventana, pasa el tiempo, y se compone como si nada, como si fuese un ex drogadicto con flashbacks. mi equipo es: intel core i7 m640, windows 7 ultimate x64, 6gb ram.

  • cabe mencionar que ya pase el cccleaner

agradecere cualquier comentario, muchas gracias

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lt started for me after 6.0

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First Try to update latest version, if not go to "Task Manager" by typing CTRL + ALT + DEL and select "Task Manager"

then go to "Processes" Tab in the Processes list find "firefox.exe *32" and rigth click and select "Set Afinity" leave ticked only "CPU 0" and that solved for me the problem.

NOTE: The only problem is that you have to do that every time you run Firefox and I didn't find any option to leave it permanently.

For now I upgraded to Firefox 6.0.1 and that version seams to work fine.

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I have this problem too. There appears to be no obvious pattern other than the fact that it always occurs when I do something (ie: click bookmarks, click a java-heavy page, open a link, open a tab, close a tab...). Note that this doesn't mean that it happens EACH time I do one of the listed things, but when it does hang, it's immediately after I do something.

I've tried the Hangs page, I've tried safemode with all extensions disabled, I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling with a fresh clean, I've updated all of my java/shockwave.

I have also noticed that when it locks up, the cpu usage is a nice spike that remains constant and then drops back. In my case, it is normally at 2% cpu usage, and as it freezes the cpu usage spikes to 13% and stays there until it returns functionality and drops to 2-3%.

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I posed this question also. A user on this thread believes Java is the culprit.

I have uninstalled Java and now it is working fine so far. Once I am sure, I will install the newest version soon (Java update) and see if things still go well. Good luck everyone!

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My Firefox was hanging for around 5 seconds whenever I tried to view the Page Info window. I fixed this by clearing my history and cache.

Hope this is of some help to someone.

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I am a luddite when it comes to all things computerese.

I had no problems with Firefox then these most recent updates occurred and I am constantly getting the "not responding" hang-up. I have done many of the things suggested here on this forum - so far nothing works at all.

I agree that it looks to me as if Firefox has dropped the ball here. Is there any way that Firefox (?) will correct this glitch or do we just keep hoping that one of these ad-hock solutions will actually work sometime in the future.

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Ok I tried to run CC cleaner after i deinstalled FF. Then the problem of hanging was gone. But slowly was returning back!!

It was then back in full effect and keeps freezing for like 30 sec. So I updated to FF 7.01 and it still freezes!! :(((((((

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I just found out about a new trick that works for some people. There was a change in the maximum number of connections allowed in a setting in about:config.

network.http.max-connections - try 48

The new default is 256. That might be too much for some connections.

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Same here!! Had no problems what so ever and then suddenly with 1 of the latest FF 6 update, this problem started: randomly freezes for around 10 seconds. Can happen with normal scrolling, with opening new tab, with opening image, when typing a message like this in a form, and so on. In other words: can happen with everything. This behaviour really started with one of the latest FF 6 updates and continued in FF 7 and now in FF 7.01 also. FF hangs completely, gives a "Program is not responding" in the top bar and suddenly by itself it starts to work again. During that time everything else on PC just works fine.

Windows 7 Prof 64bit SP1

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Just got reply from the Mozilla bug reporting: seems that a small amount of people have this issue and it will be solved in FF 8. Here is something that could resolve this bug for now: I did apply the steps mentioned there and now have to see if it helps :)

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thanx FF has improved out of sight

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