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Scroll from mouse wheel not working after some time on FireFox 4

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i'm having a problem in firefox 4 which is starting to bug me

the scroll with in firefox 4 when doing it from the scroll wheel on my mouse stops working. the only way i have found to get this to work again is restart firefox. never had this kinda problem in the old ones. works fine in IE ( :-( )

Is this a bug with in the new firefox 4?

mouse drivers etc are up todate


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Very frustrating I agree - tried all the online help suggestions but to no avail - please provide a fix ASAP!!

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Very annoying bug. When page scrolling is "hung", scrolling in the tab bar always works, so it's not a general scrolling bug, just page scrolling. When hung, it can help to click on the vertical scroll bar then use the mouse wheel, or if you have many tabs try the same with the tab bar. But it only works sometimes. After some time (hours/days), scrolling may suddenly start working again. Suddenly its gone again.

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seems to happend most times when i close a tab down

i've kept looking for updates from the firefox update but still had none yet :-(

no way i'm using IE lol

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Same problem here. Scrolling with mouse wheel stops working. Usually seems to happen when more than one tab is present. I can reproduce the problem by opening my homepage - and then opening in a new tab. At this point, wheel scrolling still works in both tabs. But... when I view an image in using their "Enhanced Image Viewer" (scrolling still works in this tab) and then switch back over to my homepage in the other tab - scrolling is frozen in that tab (and any other tabs that may be present). This happens EVERY time I try it.

The problem does NOT occur if I am using ANY earlier version of Firefox, nor does it occur if I use the "old" image viewer on the website.

I've tried all the 'advice' regarding registry changes, am using the latest driver for the mouse, etc. Completely ineffective. For now, I'm back to Firefox 3.6.17.

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i hoped that the update the other day would of fixed this but didnt :-(

seems to happend when i'm on forum rooms

about from this problem, firefox 4 seems better

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For me, this seems to be related to having PDFs open in the browser. If I go to the PDF and zoom in and out and close it, I can usually get it working again.

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well its seems to happend most of the time on forum rooms and its happend a few times when on ebay too

must be a bug some where :-(

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The update on Monday broke my Firefox :( The scroll on my mouse does not work with Firefox. It works with IE.

Sometimes it will work when I first using it but then after sometime, it is not working again...not sure why this is happening and it's really annoying. I've tried many things using the config site but not working still...

Pls fix!!!

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The problem with scroll in Firefox 4 is that mouse cursor focus is lost once you navigate to another window. This accounts for the intermittent behavior others have observed (it works for awhile then doesn't).

When you invoke Firefox, do so on a clear desktop. When you navigate away from Firefox, be sure to minimize any other windows you've navigated before returning to Firefox. Scroll should work normally, although Mozilla should definitely fix this ASAP.

UPDATE: The issue of lost cursor focus remains. My diagnosis above is incomplete or outright wrong. I have yet to determine a singular cause. However...

I have found one way to fix the problem that works every time. I do not know why it works and the solution is not practical.

I have MS Visual Studio Express 2010 installed on my laptop. I discovered that whenever FF scroll stops working all I have to do is cursor over to MSVSE, do a quick scroll on the document pane, re-cursor over to FF and scroll works fine. This has never failed to work.

Lenovo T510 Windows 7 Pro (64bit)

Modified by CryptoKnight

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I have this problem as well (except with a touchpad two finger scrolling). When a PDF is opened, scrolling stops working in all tabs except the one the PDF is opened in as soon as a PDF is opened.

This is with Firefox 4.0.1 and the Adobe Acrobat plug-in and on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

Clicking the window, and minimizing and closing all other windows DOES NOT cause scrolling to begin working again.

Scrolling works again when the Tab containing the PDF is closed.

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I don't know if this helps too, but for ME this ONLY happens if I happen across a page with a YouTube video. Even if it's just an "embedded" one. Soon as I'm on a page like that, BAM, scroll wheel stops working, and I'm forced to use the scroll bar on the side of the screen. (ICK) Until I close and restart Firefox. Very aggravating. It has only started happening since 4.01. It's to the point I'm going to use Chrome for most of my surfing.

Modified by rod03801

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I find this problem with the mouse wheel either getting very slow or totally unresponsive happens with either just one tab or with many. Also seems to happen on some website more so than others such as on the NY Times when reading longer text articles or on websites with many graphics. Does not seem to happen on MyYahoo nor on my ISP's home page. Very frustrating. May have to switch browsers if not fixed soon.

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well upgraded to firefox 5 and still got the problem tho its not as bad as it was on firefox 4

hope the next update fixes it????

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I find scrolling stops working when I have a tab open as an IE tab and after I close it, it can take a while before the scrolling works again. Very frustrating... Have WinXP and Firefox 5 (this was also a problem in FF4). It helps to press the scroll button on the mouse and hold it down for a while several times to get the normal scrolling back faster (this trick I learned about yesterday...).

Modified by KBergs

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well still got the problem! thinking of going to use google crome as seems to load abit faster and also angry birds works great on there :-p

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I was having this problem but then I saw on another page to change one setting in about:config 1. type "about:config" in address bar and hit enter 2. put "webgl.disabled" in filter and hit enter 3. change webgl.disabled to true And that should be it.

I haven't had the problem since. I hope this helps you.

Modified by lukecfairchild

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Solution for Lenovo mice, and likely other modern mice, it was defaulted to "Universal Scrolling", found it under:

Control Panel > Mouse > Lenovo (tab) > Advanced Properties > Wheel (tab), changed the setting to "Use Microsoft Office 97 scrolling emulation only", another way is to add Firefox to the Universal Scrolling exception list.

FYI, I was very frustrated posting this answer; could not login to my account and the password reset did not work. Created this account simply to assist with this issue.

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i do use a IBM usb mouse but dont have a tab in control panel for it :-( i've updated the mouse drivers tho but still with no joy.

I know it stops working if using ebay (which i use alot!) and also forum rooms. website's like bbc new, yahoo news etc working fine on all day.

i've seen that firefox 6 beta 4 is out, i'm thinking of trying this to see if this has the same problem tho dont know if my firefox 5 add on will work with it?

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well updated to firefox 6 today and again, its failed to fix this mouse problem :-(

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stops working more the twice as many times then firefox 5 now :-( and only way seems to close it down then reopen it

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