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Spinning beach ball FFv21, mac os 10.6.8, seizes control of my computer every 10 seconds - Im going mad!!

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Duplicate see /questions/960928

Im going insane with the spinning beachball on mac when using Firefox v21.

It happens several times per minute with something as simple as choosing the next field on a page or even scrolling down the page using the scroller on the right hand of the page.

Im on a laptop which has os 10.6.8 installed and the laptop has 8gig of ram and a 2.8ghz intel core 2 duo processor.

On previous versions of Firefox I used to get "unresponsive script" warnings with the option to stop it. These warnings would pop up and never give the option to "always stop an unresponsive script AND never take total control of my computer trying to get the script to respond" There is no option to block the script on the site its coming from.

I did have a block script plug in but no sites work properly if java script isnt enabled.

With Firefox21 I dont get these pop up warnings any more.

I have a lot of tabs open and when the spinning beach ball happens too often I quit firefox and open it again. It remembers my tabs but doesnt load till I click on the tab.

Despite this Firefox will start stalling and showing the beachball spinning only after a few new pages are opened.

It is enfuriating and I dont consider the software to be working properly.

Im wondering has something gottten corrupted in the System Library when firefox installs or if there is a compatability problem with versions of Firefox, my OS10.6.8, Java, Flash?

I can only look at one tab at a time - I WOULD LOVE IF THERE WAS AN OPTION TO


I used to use a plug in called Pause All Tabs which was brilliant and gave me back control of my computer. I cant get it for FF21

So what can I do? Use Chrome instead?

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Locking as duplicate. Please see and continue with /questions/960928