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I want to downgrade. What versions are available. Or else I will switch to a different browser.

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My university IT staff and software programmers can not keep up with new Firefox versions. The last one that is compatible is 7.0. I can not find a link for a downgrade to that version. The latest versions do not work with any of their PeopleSoft software and I am forced to use IE. If I can not downgrade, I will have to switch to a different browser. this is ridiculous!

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Hey Irice,

There are a lot of benefits to running the latest version of Firefox. You might want to consider running the older version on a USB Stick with PortableApps. That way you'll still be able to run the latest version for your day to day activities.

If you still want to roll back to a previous version of Firefox, just take a look at the Knowledge Base article Install an older version of Firefox.

Hopefully this helps!

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Maybe your IT department can make their applications compatible with the Firefox 10 ESR version.
With that ESR version they won't have to update every 6 weeks to a next major version.

You can direct them to these pages.

Currently the only supported Firefox versions are Firefox 11.0 and Firefox 3.6.28, but support for the Firefox 3.6.x branch will end later this month (Apr 24).

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I must say I'm not happy with the new 11 either. I came off the 3.6.28. I hate not having my latest sites in icons and listed when I open a new tab. I tried one of the Add-on's FDV speed I think it was. What a mess. If I opened a pdf form it kept popping up and no way to stop it. After two hours I deleted it. It also had no tutorials, etc. Wished Firefox would bring back the listing/icons when I open a new tab.

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Thanks for the replies. Matt says there are advantages to running the newest version, but I fail to find what they are. New versions are coming way too fast and from what I've learned, our university software will NOT be compatible with any version after 7.0 in the foreseeable future. Since all software programming is farmed out another company, doubtful they will want to use cor-el's suggestion of using 10.0 ERS, whatever that is.

My questions is still the same...where can I find a link to downgrade to 7.0. I can not find any supported earlier versions with a working link. Will I have to go down to 3.6? Even if I have to do that, I still could not find a working link.

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I stumbled upon this because I did downgrade to 9.01 because of issues with 11. I simply do not like 11 because it doesn't work properly with some sites I use regularly. 9.01 works perfectly. I agree with the statement updates are coming too fast. I'm sure there are a vast number of people who don't like Chrome, but you're forcing them to use it. I had to use Chrome because Firefox 11 didn't work for me. Firefox 9.01 works, and I'm off of Chrome.

However, I appreciate all the hard work people put in on Firefox.

Thank you.

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Yes I'd like the downgrade to 9.01 myself.

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Hello PASmith,

If you are looking for Firefox v9.01 try the following link. random third-party link removed

As for the Firefox v7.01, I can only find v6.01 and v3.6.28. Sorry if this doesn't help.


random third-party link removed


random third-party link removed and replaced with a official link to now EOL 3.6.28 at http://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/all-older.html



Always download at your own risk.

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Thanks Michael. I forgot to mention I don't use Windows. I have a Mac.

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Sorry to hear that PASmith, but I remedy this with the following link.

Firefoxv9.01 MAC OS X


Hope that's what you need,


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Thank You.

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The official releases server for current and previous versions of Firefox is:


Click the version you want, then your OS, then your language. At that point, you should be able to get the download.

For security reasons, it is recommended that you run a current version, accessible through latest or latest-3.6.